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Realistic, Healthy Diet Resolution for New Year

Again its the time of year to take new resolutions. Let’s us devote our coming year to improve our health, lose weight and get fit. Let’s decide healthy recommendations for the following year that are easy to follow, and those you won’t abandon after some time out of boredom. The more realistic decisions you make more is the chance of their long-term success.

What I suggest is to be determined and focus on your food behavior this year and make a goal to adhere to healthy habits each new day.  Below are some of the simple, everyday and realistic eating habits that anyone can adapt and that works for everyone.

Realistic, healthy eating new year resolutions

  1. Drink more water

Drink More Water: healthy diet

Drink about 3 litres of water in a day. Carry your water bottle where ever you go. Start your morning with a glass of lukewarm water to detox your body. Drink a glass of water half hour before having a meal and also after your trip to the bathroom.

2. Eat 2-3 servings or cups of fruits

take fruit regularly: healthy diet

Whenever you have sugar craving eat fruits. Eat seasonal fruits. Swap your bowl of chips, pasta, instant noodles with a bowl of fruit salad. Add a variety of fruits to your diet regime. Instead of jam, you can use mashed banana on your toast. Instead of adding chocolate powder make apple shake. Make apple pie or healthy pancakes with banana and eggs.

3. Eat three servings of cups of vegetables

eat vegetable salad: healthy diet

Eat vegetables saute in little oil, baked, grilled or boiled. Do add cooked vegetables to your big meals. Eat green salad adding cucumber, tomato, onion, beetroot, carrot and radish.

4. Add protein to every significant meal of yours

add protein in food: healthy diet

Add lean protein sources such as lentils, eggs or chicken to your big meals. You may also have a scoop of whey protein after every meal with water.

5. Eat whole grains

Instead of white bread eat whole grain brown bread, roti, daliya or oats. Prefer whole grain cereals. Instead of white rice eat brown rice. Avoid regular pasta and go for whole wheat paste.

6. Switch to fat-free dairy

add low fat product: healthy diet

Have toned milk. Avoid trans-fat products such as mayonnaise. have low-fat Greek yogurt.

7. Say no to refined sugar

no refined sugar: healthy diet

Your body does not need refined sugar. So say no to high sugar product. To satisfy your sweet tooth go for jaggery, dates or honey. Avoid tomato ketchup and jams high in refined sugar. Instead of eating desserts high in refined sugar go for those that contain honey or jaggery.

8. Avoid processed, and junk foods

stop junk foods: healthy diet

There are so many healthy as well as tasty food options to treat you such as sprout chat or bhel rather than eating fried and junk foods.

9. Limit the intake of fat

count fat intake: healthy diet

Whenever you go out shopping before picking the food item read the label correctly and select the foods that are low in fat. Instead of frying eat steamed, grilled, poached, fried or roasted food.

10. Eat small meals at regular intervals

eat proper food: healthy diet

Boost your metabolism by dividing your meals. Instead of 3 big meals split it into 5. Eat slowly and chew properly before swallowing.

11. Do not skip meals

Skipping meals slows your metabolism. So, have meals on time.

12. Stay active

Staying Active: healthy diet

The busy schedule may not allow you to go to the gym, but you can still keep yourself active by just being regular with 30 minutes walk five days in a week. You may also opt for walking or cycling to your workplace.

13. Get enough sleep

sleep well: healthy diet

Rest is the time when your body repairs itself. Make sure you get a sound sleep of 7-8 hours every day.

Promise yourself to get healthy the following year and adopt healthy eating habits to shed extra fat, maintain ideal body weight, boost body immunity and feel strong both inside outside.

Sometimes you may get deviated from your healthy diet schedule, but that doesn’t mean you lose your spirits and off-track yourself for the rest of the year. Make little adjustment to your diet and get back on the track. Soon healthy new year resolutions will become your habit and part of life.

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