randeep hooda weight loss

Randeep Hooda’s ‘Not Recommended’ 18 kg Weight Loss in 28 Days

To play the role of “Sarbjit”, a starving man confined in a 4 ft X 4 ft prison cell, ace actor Randeep Hooda lost 18 kgs in just 28 days. This is no mean achievement and Randeep’s efforts are highly commendable, but one should not follow his footsteps as the means and methods that he used for losing weight are unhealthy and can have a disastrous effect on your body.

Many say that Randeep has done for Sarabjit what famed Hollywood actor Christian Bale did for his iconic film “The Machinist”. Earlier, Randeep had undergone a rapid transformation from 77 kg to 94 kg for his movie “Do Lafzon Ki Kahani”, in which he played the role of a boxer, and then in his very next movie “Sarbjit”, he lost about 20 kgs. In order to pull-off such dire transitions in just one year, Randeep endured a lot of “suffering”.

How did Randeep lose weight so early and so quick?

randeep hooda weight loss

During his tenure in jail, Sarabjit was locked in a small dingy room and he had rat bites all over him. Director Kumar of the film wanted Randeep Hooda to don a similar ‘skeletal’ look, where one could see his bones, and to achieve this epic and mind-boggling transformation, Hooda went on a strict diet supervised by his sister Dr. Anjali Hooda. He was permitted only 500-600 calories in a day, with a few cheat days in between during which he was allowed to have starch. He cut down on his meals tremendously, filling up on coffee and water and his diet mostly consisted of proteins and greens.

randeep hooda sarbjeet : Randeep Hooda Weight Loss

Randeep stuck to a zero calorie diet and did not take in any form of sugar. This is harmful for the body as it needs at least some amount of sugar to function properly. Complete lack of sugar can disturb the system of your body. Randeep’s weight loss journey was so excruciating that he was thinking about food all the time. It was so extreme that there were days when he couldn’t sleep because of hunger.


At times, he wasn’t even allowed to eat an apple and eventually he became so emaciated that he could barely walk. He would often have a craving for delicious and heavy food items like hot piping parathas topped with creamy white makkhan and Nirula’s most popular hot chocolate fudge ice cream. In fact, he used to resort to sketching these mouthwatering foods in order to compensate for not being able to actually eat them. He had even stopped socializing and just one drink on New Year’s Eve made him giddy and forced him to return home. An ex-polo player and very passionate about horses, Randeep had become so weak that he couldn’t even ride his horses. He was afraid that he would fall down and snap his neck.

randeep hooda weight loss effects

Randeep credits his sister’s constant monitoring of his strict diet and health as the reason he was able to pull off this anorexic look. You will find it difficult to believe – In the last few days, he refrained from eating meals at all and just sipped water.

Reasons why you should never follow rapid weight loss

Let us find out why such a drastic weight loss in unhealthy and undesirable. A weight-loss of about 1 to 2 kgs a week is ideal. The basic math behind this ballpark figure is – 0.5 kgs of fat contains 3500 calories. Thus, in order to lose half a kilo a week, one must burn 500 extra calories every day for 7 days, which is humanly possible and easily manageable. However, rapid weight-loss will not make you lose only fat but even water and lean muscles.

One should always remember that the correct method of gaining weight is similar to the way weight is lost. It should be slow and steady. Rapid weight loss and rebound rapid weight gain are harmful to the body. Both need to be done slowly and steadily. A yo-yo pattern results in decreased immunity and is extremely hazardous for the body. The human body works at its own natural pace and targeting short-term goals is detrimental for the body. On the contrary, a healthy supervised diet with regular exercises and appropriate substitution with vitamins will not have any disastrous effects on the body.

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A rapid unsupervised weight loss may have the following adverse effects on your body:

  • Loss of muscle mass resulting from a lack of amino acids.
  • Inadequate intake of essential elements like vitamins, which make you feel bogged down and fatigued.
  • This can cause dehydration and may even result in gall bladder stones.
  • An acid-based irritation may occur in the body.
  • Bloodshot eyes are commonly seen in people who lose weight very quickly.
  • Extra protein combined with fluid loss can cause kidney issues.
  • It could cause some serious problems like – Depression, Lower sexual drive, Irritability, Mood swings, Bulimia

Randeep Hooda weight loss journey might have yielded commendable results but it isn’t a very healthy way of shedding that extra flab. A regular exercise routine teamed with a healthy diet is the correct way of losing weight without starving yourself.