Protein treatment of hair

Protein Treatment for Hair : Things to Know

What is a Protein treatment for hair?

A protein treatment has simply put a protein based treatment for hair either by external application directly on the hair or by food intake in order to repair damaged hair. Hair gets damaged and loses its strength over time due to natural reasons such as dust, dirt, pollution and so on. Other reasons include applying gels, chemical hair creams etc.

Following tips and tricks will help you get them back to their normal state while also addressing the advantages and disadvantages.

protein treatment for hair

How do protein treatments help?

Our hair is dominantly made of the protein called Keratin. This wears off over time. Protein treatment methods help recover this protein for a temporary period of time.

The protein application on your hair held repair the hair follicles and sometimes penetrate through and repair from within. The results vary from person to person as per their hair condition.

There are two major home remedies:

protein treatment for hairProtein Diet

Meats including salmon, tuna and chicken breast are some of the most sought out options for protein based foods.

For vegans, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower provide a viable option for the same.

Other options include eggs, milk and yogurt. Read here to know all the protein rich Indian foods.

Apart from your hair, these foods have the necessary amount of healthy fats that further constitute to your hair treatment.


protein treatment for hair

Egg Mask

Pour down the egg liquids in a bowl and apply it directly to the hair from the scalp. Cover with a shower cap for 20-30 minutes and rinse. This has proven to be one of the best natural methods for hair treatment.

Note: – Use both white and yolk for dry hair. Only white for oily hair.

protein treatment for hair

Mayonnaise and Avocado Mask

Make a paste with pure mayonnaise and Avocado until loose enough to apply to hair. Apply necessary amount to hair down to the scalp, cover with a shower cap and rinse after 30 minutes.

protein treatment for hair


Yogurt is rich in proteins and can be used in the same procedure as the other two methods. Apply directly to the hair down to the scalp and rinse off after 20 minutes.

protein treatment for hairEggs, yogurt and other oils such as almond and coconut oil can be mixed up and used depending on availability of the product. On a daily basis, almond and coconut oil can be a good product to keep hair treated all day long while also giving a good scent.

Things to Keep in Mind before starting a Protein Treatment

protein treatment for hairThe treatment will definitely strengthen your hair and gives it more texture.

It grows smoother and softer while also getting thicker. They also become much healthier and less prone to hair loss.

protein treatment for hairThe downside of the treatment is its temporary. People have reported signs of stiffness and dryness in their hair post-treatment. Hence it’s important to remember that each person may react differently to the treatment. And results may vary depending on an extent of damage before the treatment.

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