Priyanka Chopra Diet Plan for Quick Weight loss

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priyanka chopra diet

The glamour audience experiences on silver screen is a direct effect of the persevering endeavors by celebrities. It takes a lot more than rouge, mascara and cologne for an actress to stand out on-screen. One such diva whose profuse labour off-screen manifests phenomenally on-screen is Piggy Chopz, aka, Priyanka Chopra. Of all the domains they sincerely take care, fitness always eats up their extra bit. To be fit is actually an uphill struggle for both big stars and ordinary men. And to those with the misconception that the affluent stars can buy themselves fitness as well, please, be enlightened that they too exert themselves harsh to knock off the unwanted pounds.

priyanka chopra dietI’m sure you’ll be startled to know the fact that ‘Desi Girl’ Priyanka Chopra, once upon a time in recent past, succeeded losing 7 kilos in a mere span of 20 days. Her fitness tale dates back to those days when she had two projects, Mary Kom and Dil Dhadakne do, consecutively queued up, where former required her body to be muscular and staunch whereas the latter, slim and slender. Leap from Mary Kom after its completion to Dil Dhadakne Do pushed Piggy Chopz beyond her comfortable and won’t boundary and spare no drop of un-expelled sweat.

priyanka chopra diet

Priyanka Chopra Diet – Does it motivate you?

Priyanka Chopra diet is not a standard Wikipedia diet, however, gravity of the name Priyanka Chopra itself makes her diet an ideal diet people can look forward to follow. Here goes down Priyanka Chopra Diet

  • Regardless, she prefers her weekends delightful and enjoys in the satiety of tandoori, cakes and chocolates.

priyanka chopra diet

  • She binges on profuse amount of leafy veggies and natural food items to never see her body run short of vitamins and minerals.
  • Her fluid balance is taken care of by a glass of coconut water, accompanied by a morsel of nuts, at regular intervals during the daytime.
  • Breakfast platter of her has to have either of the two egg whites or cereal grains with de-fatted milk.

priyanka chopra diet

  • Her lunch encompasses dal, green vegetables and two chapattis.
  • Her dinner is literally in compliance with that of the phrase ‘dinner like a pauper’. For, she at most engages her mouth in a bowl of soup and barbecued chicken or fish.

priyanka chopra diet

How does she ensure her everyday mobility?

Piggy Chopz is not a fanatic gym-goer but makes sure to carry out her everyday workout routinely. Yoga is a never-missed-out morning workout in her routine regimen. Yoga, in her stance, is vital and soothing and hence she religiously sticks to it. 20-25 seat hops, reverse crunches and bicep twists with light weights also are daily involvements.

priyanka chopra diet

What an amazing feat it is to lose 7 kilos in 20 days!

priyanka chopra dietJharna Sanghvi, the wrestler who distilled out Mary Kom from Priyanka Chopra, praised Chopra’s perseverance and flexibility during her training period. Sanghvi endorsed the great ease and determined willingness with which she switched from one diet to another dissimilar diet, while shooting for Mary Kom and Dil Dhadakne Do. Mary Kom asked her to wallow in carb-rich diet whereas Dil Dhadakne Do led her to be on proteinaceous diet. Much to her class, she managed well in shifting from cumbersome stalwart figure of Mary Kom, by losing 7 kilos in 20 days, to Ayesha Mehra of Dil Dhadakne Do.