Preventing Breakup

Preventing Breakup With Meditation

Although there is no quick way to fix a tanking relationship, some simple and conventional strategies are at least worth trying to keep your love life afloat and this includes meditation. However, the good news is that Preventing Breakup With Meditation is possible.

Meditation has long been used to combat depression, stress and anxiety attacks. But using it to save yourself from a breakup can also be effective. It brings your attention to the present rather than being distracted by everything else going around you. This keeps your mind calm and thus helps you overcome the hard times when you just can’t take your mate anymore.

Meditation, which is an effective self-reflective practice, enables you to see how you’re responsible for your own feelings. It makes you understand that whatever you’re feeling is not because of what someone else might be saying or doing to you, but is because of your thought process. Then, you realize that the conflict had little to do with the person itself but more to do with how you’re feeling inside, you won’t argue anymore.Relationship Yoga


Relationships often end up in a jeopardy because of egoism and self-centeredness. This nature of yours’ is the very reason for disagreement between you and your partner. Your ego just doesn’t want to let go! But a trained mind knows how to outwit its ego.

Meditation helps you tackle problems in your relationship with a calm mind. Anger only makes it worse and often leads to breakup! Meditation helps you understand your partner’s point-of-view and find solution to conflicts over personal space and comfort zone.

What counts in a long lasting relationship is not how compatible you are with your partner, but how well you deal with the incompatibilities, and meditation makes you perfect in just that!

Stay Happy. Stay Fitso! #GetFitso

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