werewolf diet

Werewolf Diet: Shed upto 6 pounds in 24 Hours

Much like fashion, diets too trend these days. Don’t you update your closet time to time? On a very similar note, diets too are a popular fad nowadays and, trendsetters keep coming up with new diets. And why not! A fit body, which is governed by a healthy diet is, after all, a prerequisite before you slip yourself into the latest outfits. Of numerous diet fads, there’s this Werewolf Diet, reportedly, followed by Madonna and Demi Moore. The term ‘Werewolf’ must have been giving weird vibes to you; if or not, it has anything to do with a wolf’s food habits. Let your assumptions be silenced! For werewolf diet, also popular as a lunar diet, calls for fasts on full moon and new moon, provided the practitioner abides by its ‘norms’, which the article would throw light on.

werewolf diet

The Moon’s link to Werewolf Diet

It’s a long known fact that changing phases of moon, along with the respective angles the moon and the sun make, have a resultant gravitational pull to exert on the earth’s surface. This pull produced make its effect felt biologically among humans. From women’s libido to body weight, the shapes of moon do command a human body.

werewolf diet

As the intensity of gravitational pull alters, atmospheric pressure fluctuates too. The lunar diet plan, which calls for 24 hours on full moon and new boon, has a scientific relationship with the atmospheric pressure of the earth. As atmospheric pressure has a vital role to play in metabolic activities carried out by human system, moon’s phase is of substantial importance.

Now, let me explain the cellular process that takes place in your body during the full moon. At full moon, water tends to move out of the cells of the tissues. And as the water makes its way off your body, it carries along with it the toxins too. Hence, you can easily take not of dependency of toxin elimination from your body.

What is the Werewolf diet about?

The Basic Version: As the name is suggestive of, this diet is not any mountain on your head. It’s a simple one in which your body runs only on the liquid diet for 24 hours. Exactness with the start and end of fast is very pivotal. The diet claims to expel out the toxins from the system and help you shed off 6 pounds of water-weight.

The Extended Version: This is a continuous diet as it takes into account all the phases of the moon- Full moon, Waning moon, New moon and Waxing moon. The full moon plan is same as the basic version. The second phase, waning moon, is believed to have a dampening effect on your cravings. The moon in second phase bolsters the toxic-elimination process from your body and hence goes down your cravings.

werewolf diet

The third phase, New moon, asks one to go about in a similar way as in the first phase. Swill down lots of water to boost up the cleansing process. And yes, don’t forget to refrain yourself away from solid food.

The last phase, Waxing moon, is claimed to have a stimulating effect on your cravings. So, this phase requires you to be conscious about your food intake. And mind it, one is not supposed to eat after 6 p.m.

 Werewolf diet: to believe or not?

Although scientifically unproven but the diet certainly drags out the excess fat and toxins from your body, However, this diet is really as simple as keeping a track of lunatic calendar. How about going for it and experience the effect?