Milk - best post workout drink

Should You Drink Milk After A Workout?

According to a research study in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, It has been come to known that drinking milk and milk alternatives are far effective drinks post exercises as compared to sports drinks. This was based on the effectiveness of drinks to help the body retain fluid. Milk products naturally have the required balance of sodium, carbohydrate and protein.

Study: This study was done on 15 cyclists who were given 4 different kinds of beverages after each round of cycling workout over 4 days. Out of these 4 energy drinks, Sport drink was benchmarked against vegan milk (soy), animal milk (cow) and a milk-based supplement. To know the effectiveness of these post-exercise drinks, blood and urine samples of each cyclist was measured to determine their nutrient and hydration levels.


  • While none of the drinks let the cyclist feel thirstier, all of the milk based products proved themselves better in rehydrating the body post workout compared to the sports drink, list topped by milk based meal supplement.
  • Sports juice was found most pleasant to drink by cyclists, having only this edge over other drinks.
  • One thing that made men little uneasy was that it made them feel flabby and full probably because of protein content in milk products but at the same time, they felt more rehydrated. Less hunger, longer hydration.
  • Milk provides the building blocks for what you need to build new muscles making it ideal post exercise drink.

Water as post exercise drink?

If you are thinking of taking water to rehydrate the body, then don’t. For your surprise, drinking water post exercise leads to even more dehydration causing stalling. Noted by many researchers, it was because water reduces the sodium level. Dehydration potentially leads to fatigue and headaches (think about hangovers).

Consider chasing your next exercise with milk- just be sure to wear your roomiest pair of yoga pants.