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Female Yoga Instructors Who Define Yoga Around the World

Yoga is more than 10,000 years old but it has been the best way to combat any ailment. Yoga works to improve health, heal aches and pains, and keep sickness at bay. Once you understand them, you’ll have even more motivation to step onto your mat. We have some of the most influential Yoga gurus across the globe who have changed the lives of people around them by teaching various styles of yoga.

Kino Macgregor

kino yoga

Kino is also a life coach and Ph.D. student in holistic health with a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from New York University. Kino’s dharma is to help people experience the limitless potential of the human spirit through the inner tradition of yoga.  With more than 18 years of experience in Ashtanga Yoga, she is one of a select group of people to receive the Certification to teach Ashtanga yoga by its founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and practice into the Fifth Series of Ashtanga Yoga. She has released many DVDs and books dedicated to her vast experiences on Ashtanga Yoga.

Style: Kino Yoga

Kino is dedicated to sharing the amazing tradition of Ashtanga yoga with its growing number of practitioners. Teaching locally and internationally, she leads classes, workshops and retreats in traditional Ashtanga yoga, holistic health and total life transformation with over 2 million followers across all her channels on social media. In her unique, inspirational and playful approach, Kino helps her students expand and deepen their understanding of yoga and life.

Deepika Mehta

Deepika Mehta - best female yoga instructor

She started practicing yoga after death incident, her doctor said that she would never be able to walk but she was not ready to give up. Deepika searched for an alternative approach to heal herself and found the ancient Indian practice of yoga. Deepika started training at the Sivananda Yoga Kendra in Kerala. She began practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 2002 under Guru Shri K Pattabhi Jois.

Style: Ashtanga Yoga

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The ultimate purpose of the Ashtanga practice is purification of the body and mind. By moving so quickly and powerfully, you will get a lot of tapas and everything extra, physical and mental, will have to get out the way. This practice has a strong sense of purpose and you are forced to focus and grow. It gives strength, flexibility, stress management, and inner peace.

Ana T. Forrest

Ana T Farroest - best female yoga instructor

Ana is an ordained practitioner of Native American Medicine, a Reiki Master, a Certified Regression Therapist, and a graduate of Anthony Robbins Master University. She is a Faculty Member at The University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and sits on the Boards of F.A.R.E. Play (Foundation for Athletic Research and Education) and Earth & Sky Circle (Organisation for Native American Ceremony).

Style: Forrest Yoga

Ana Forrest is a true yoga legend – She created Forrest Yoga in 1982, guided by 4 principles: Breath, Strength, Integrity, and Spirit. Though her style takes elements from Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananda, and Iyengar,

You may be thinking, but aren’t all systems of yoga healing? Yes, but not explicitly stated as such. All yoga brings healing and balance to the body, but Forrest Yoga surfaces these intents in each and every class.

Forrest Yoga is designed to aim at

  •  Lower back pain
  •  Tension in the neck
  •  Core and anxiety
  •  Over-stimulation
  • A sense of disconnection.

Donna Farhi

Dona Farhi - best female yoga instructor

Donna Farhi is a Yoga teacher who has been practicing for 39 years and teaching since 1982. She is one of the most sought after guest teachers in the world, leading intensives and teacher training programs internationally. She lives here in New Zealand but teaches intensives and teacher trainings internationally. She has written several books on yoga, according to her, She always capitalize the word Yoga to reflect that it is a 5,000-year-old spiritual tradition and therefore should be recognized accordingly, like the word Buddhism.

Some of the books written by her are The teaching Yoga, The Spirit and practice moving into stillness, The Breathing book.

Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner - best female yoga instructor

Elevating personal growth as a lifestyle, Ashley Turner, M.A., MFTI is a yoga/meditation teacher, registered Marriage + Family Therapist Intern, writer, speaker and Initiated Priestess.  She draws on the source texts of yoga while incorporating the best of neurobiology, Jungian Psychology, ayurveda, tantra, shamanism and priestess work.

Style: Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a fitness-based vinyasa practice. An offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga, it has many of the same qualities and benefits, including building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction. Teachers design their own sequences, while students synchronize their breath with their movement. The original Power Yoga was developed and founded by Beryl Bender Birch, but is now a term used to describe many vigorous vinyasa styles.

Books written by her: Power Yoga and Yoga for Weight Loss

Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea - best female yoga instructor

Shiva Rea serves the innate intelligence within nature and our rhythmic bodies. As a global prana vinyasa teacher, Shiva empowers people from all walks of life to experience the flow of breath and our extraordinary energetic body. As the founder of Samudra Global School for Living Yoga.

Style: Soothing Moon Shine: Chandra Namaskar

Moon Salutation, known in Sanskrit as “Chandra Namaskara” (SHAHN-drah nah-muh-SKAR-uh), is a series of poses performed in a particular sequence to create a cooling flow of movement. Like the popular Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara), each pose in a Moon Salutation is coordinated with your breathing: Inhale to extend, and exhale to bend. Moon salutation is beneficial to people under any form of stress. It helps balance your energy before you reach a point of exhaustion, as it is a quieting practice. Some of the videos and books

She is a writer of Lunar Flow Yoga and Radiant Heart Yoga.

Gurumukh Kaur Khalsa

Gurumukh kaur Khalsa - best female yoga instructor

Queen of Kuldalini Yoga Gurumukh was born in small Illinois town. In 1977, Gurumukh went on a pilgrimage to India and on her return moved to Los Angeles. She has given private instructions to Madonna, Courtney Love, Gwyneth Palthrow. Gurumukh gives classes in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation along with it she also teaches prenatal and postnatal training.

Style: Kundalini Yoga

An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning “truth is my identity.” The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.

Sharon Gannon

Sharon Gannon - best female yoga instructor

Sharon Gannon is a 21st-century Renaissance woman, an animal rights and vegan activist and a world-renowned yogini, perhaps best known as the founder, along with David Life, of the Jivamukti Yoga Method. She has studied yoga, meditation and bhakti practices since 1969. She has produced numerous yoga-related DVDs and is the author of several books, including Jivamukti Yoga: Practices for Liberating Body & Soul, The Art of Yoga, Cats and Dogs are People Too!, and Yoga Assists.

Style: Jivamukti Yoga

The Jivamukti Yoga method is a proprietary style of yoga created by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984. Jivamukti is a physical, ethical, and spiritual practice, combining a vigorous hatha yoga, vinyasa-based physical style with adherence to five central tenets scripture, nonviolence, music, meditation, Animal rights, veganism, environmentalism and social activism are also emphasized. Jivamukti Yoga has developed a reputation as the chosen yoga style of many celebrities.

Amy Ippoliti

Amy Ippoliti - best female yoga instructor

Amy Ippoliti’s passion for living a mindful, conscious, and organic lifestyle is ever-present through her expertise as a yoga teacher, as well as through her work with environmental conservation. Her depth of knowledge, versatility, and relatability have made her one of the most sought-after educators in the field of yoga.


There’s lots of talk about levels in yoga. One’s, 2’s, 3’s, 10’s. And of course, level 14.5. Often, people use the term “advanced” to refer to someone who is capable of getting into seemingly complicated postures such as Hanumanasana, aka, “splits” but advanced yoga But Yoga helps us discover and learn things about ourselves as we engage with the postures. An “advanced yogini” has certain qualities. She is kind, compassionate and loving. She laughs often.

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