phool makhana benefits

Amazing Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds (Phool Makhana)

The generation today has submitted themselves to the cans-crammed cabinets of a supermarket. That ideal kitchen defined by our grandmother is no more existent. It is because modernity has made our minds way too skeptical to believe in the goodness of naturally found food. Well, to be modern doesn’t mean discarding those food items which our mother nature has innately blessed us with. One of such is Fox Nuts, also known as Makhana, read further about phool Makhana benefits.

phool makhana benefits

Nature has been and continues to be prolific with the plants of terrific importance to humankind. Just that we humans have configured ourselves in a way that processed foods have become our intoxicating addiction. Of the myriad of plants that nature hosts to us, one is lotus seeds or fox nuts or Phool Makhana. And, trust me, you will be amazed knowing what a great deal of good can this plant, thriving upon the filthy water of the pond, do to human health. This article would unfold several benefits of makhana which would definitely cause you to have it in your eating regime.

About Phool Makhana

Makhana, as already said, is also known as fox nuts or lotus seeds. They are gathered from a plant named Euryale Fox which flourishes in the ponds of Eastern Asia. Also, Chinese medicine has considered ‘makhanas’ to be of curative importance. Ayurveda too credits ‘Phool Makhana’ of its therapeutic effect. Embrace yourself, specific benefits of makhana are yet to meet your eyes.

Besides, ‘makhanas’ are widely cooked during the fasting month of ‘Navratri’.

phool makhana benefits

What is the health benefits of Phool Makhana?

Not that benefits of makhana have been discovered recently. Just that makhana benefits remained eclipsed under our addictive dependency upon the processed foods.

  1. They are gluten-free and rich in both proteins and carbohydrates.
  2. Due to low glycemic index, makhanas are recommended for diabetic patients.
  3. Since they are low in calories, they are highly suited for the ones aspiring for weight loss.
  4. They are enriched with anti-aging enzymes and aid repair and reconstruct proteins.
  5. Ayurveda endorses makhanas for its amazing benefits to human kidneys.
  6. Makhanas have a curative effect, since they are high in magnesium and sodium, in individuals afflicted with high blood pressure and obesity.
  7. Lotus seeds are believed to have aphrodisiac properties.
  8. They hold in anti-oxidative properties.
  9. Arthritis too is believed to be taken care by makhanas.
  10. They are used to treat insomnia.
  11. They help in detoxifying spleen and nourishing blood.

How can you make them palatable?

phool makhana benefits

Makhanas are visually more of like popcorns. They puff out just like popcorns do, when upon the flame. Much to our delight, makhanas can be prepared in various ways. Fry them in a blob of ghee and toss it with black pepper and salt, and feed yourself this light but wholesome platter. You can also follow the same recipe as that of ‘kheer’, the only difference of soaking in ‘Phool Makhana’ and not ‘rice’.

Moreover, with food technology, we have been able to impart different flavors like mint and all to ‘makhanas’. So, you can always avail yourself of these tastier versions. Now since you are well-versed with makhana benefits, you are convinced that regular intake of these makhanas would make you a notch healthier soon. Also, you’ll start to love munching on these crisp balls.