Noisy Eating

Eating Sounds Makes You Angry – There Exists a Word for You

If the sound of people crunching apples, chewing gum or people sipping their beverages loudly drive you crazy, you are not alone.

We know how annoying it is to listen so unpleasant sounds especially when you don’t want to. Well, surely making sounds while eating is considered as bad manners, but opposite to our notion, there is research which says if you feel irritated due to these noises, it says something about you.


Nobody likes hearing someone crunching their food, but for some, it’s more than just an annoyance — the sound triggers a full “fight or flight response.”

These people have a rare condition called “misophonia” that makes them extraordinarily sensitive to these sounds.

The term was originally coined back in 2001 by Margaret and Pawel Jastreboff, to describe “abnormally strong reactions” to certain noises. But the strength of those reactions is only “partially determined by the physical characteristics of the upsetting sound”.

The auditory system is very complex. We hear with our brains, the ears are just a way in. If misophonic people make this sound by themselves that means they will not probably get disturbed by that.

The most common reaction to these sounds is anger, closely followed by angst there have been many people who have gone to an extreme level in the face of annoying sound. You know how anger puts our heart at great risk and further weakens your immune system. In many cases, action taken by people getting annoyed by such sounds has lead them to explode in rage. If not detected at an early age it might get critical over time.

Misophonia could be dangerousOne man in Latvia even shot someone in a cinema after being “forced to suffer offensive mastication” at the hands of a loud popcorn eater.

China could be a horror for you

If you cannot stand eating noise then surely you can never be friends with Chinese people. Eating, fulfilling and satisfying the hunger have been long an important aspect in the Chinese culture. To show the appreciation and the delicate cuisine, Chinese make chewing noise.

Even when drinking hot tea for instance, the louder noise they make, the more it indicates the savor of such tea.

So, what to do?

There is no treatment for this disorder but we can advise you to keep patience if you experience noisy eating horror. Deviate your mind instead of getting frustrated from that repeated noisy sound.

The important thing to understand is that people don’t do it on purpose, and with some patience, you can handle the situation.