Primary Healthcare Appliances One Should Stock at Home

Nobody knows when a medical emergency might hit you. It is better to be prepared and stock up essential healthcare appliances at home so that you can handle the situation before help arrives. Below is the list of easy to handle primary medical devices you need to keep at home. All these essential health devices […]

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Losing Weight through Massage Techniques

Weight Loss Through Massage

Are you worried about your extra kgs? Want a permanent and effective solution? Then massage is the best solution for you. Yes, you heard it right. You can lose extra fat with massage therapy. To know more, scroll down this blog. How can massage help to reduce weight? Body massage stimulates the weight loss process. […]

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Beat Dieting Boredom with Ten Simple Tips

Getting Bored with Daily Diet Plan

If you are not the kind of person, who could eat salad and fresh snack vegetables all the time and now you are on the mission to shed some weight, dieting boredom may make you surrender soon for tempting warm and comfort foods. It doesn’t matter how determined you were at the beginning of your […]

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Varun Dhawan Workout & Diet Secrets for His Immaculate Physique

Varun Dhawan had taken the film industry by storm since his debut in Karan Johar’s Student of the Year. There seems to be no stopping him from giving one hit after another. Being fit is no longer a luxury or differentiation factor for an actor in Bollywood, especially for ones in commercial movies. It has become the norm […]

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Asthma: Prevention is better than Cure!

asthma prevention

With the breathing difficulties arising due to environmental pollution, we need to think twice before saying that breathing is a natural process. The Smog in NCR has been tough this year once again. It has forced us to use so much assistance for breathing, and even after all the help from air purifiers, filter masks, […]

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Top 10 Swimming Pools in South Mumbai

swimming pools in South Mumbai

They say that there is no stopping to being fit – be it any age or any circumstances. You must always push your body forward to be able to be fit. There is no better exercise than swimming if you are looking forward to some fun to work out. If you feel lost while choosing […]

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Top 10 Swimming pools in North Mumbai

swimming pools in North Mumbai

Who doesn’t love swimming pools? Either burn calories, click selfies or enjoy with your friends or partners-, you can do absolutely anything you want! Swimming helps you to relax and de-stress! In this list, we are talking about swimming pools in North Mumbai- and wait! This one will talk about pools just nearby to your […]

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Top 10 Swimming Pools in Pune

Benefits of Swimming in Winters

“Good things come to those who swim” – well, could there be any better positive inspiration and push for you to go and hit the swimming pool right away? Did you know that swimming helps you burn more calories than running or biking? One full hour dedicated to swimming can help you burn approximately 784 […]

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7 New Things for Runners to Try in 2018

Let’s admit it, running gets monotonous at times, especially on foggy mornings when you put on your gear and brave through the smog to complete your distance. Music serves as a temporary rescue but running isn’t something that you can make a group activity out of! Of course, you can run with a group but […]

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20 Challenges to Take Up as Next Year Resolutions

Being fit is not the destination my friend, it is a way of life. If God had to actually keep a tab on all those New Year resolutions that included staying fit and hitting the gym and then those that break their New Year resolutions as quickly as they make it, we are all up […]

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Best Swimming Pools in Noida

swimming pools in noida

Swimming is considered to be as one of the best exercises which provide a full body workout, so why not check out the best swimming pools in Noida to enroll in. It not only keeps your heart rate up but also takes some of the impact stress off your body to builds endurance, muscle strength […]

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New Year’s Resolution Hack for 99% of People Who Don’t Make It!

Small decisions are more versatile than resolutions. They’re also more manageable. Should I skip that extra beer at the party? Should I choose wine? Should I go for fruits instead of the deserts? These questions are left to be answered only in the moment. The birthday of our acquaintance from work is a “special occasion.” The fruits […]

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7 Ways to Skip the Holiday Weight Gain and Enjoy the Party

Who doesn’t want to party at the end of the year! However, for many of us, the associated weight gain is the spoilsport. Here are few tips to help you enjoy the party without worrying about your weight: Don’t eat before you go. You’ve heard countless times that you should have a healthy, protein-heavy meal before you […]

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