Running Partner vs Solo Running: Which is better

Many people find it hard to start a training schedule without having someone to work out with, especially when it comes to running. Solo runs, no wonder can be more effective, but running alone often gets boring for people and many prefer to have a running partner. So if you are one of those who […]

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Cold Pressed Juices vs Fresh Juices. Which is better and why?

packed juices

Cold-pressed juicing isthe latest in-vogue way of juicing. But are the High-pressure processed juices really better for you than traditional pasteurized juices? Here we go with Cold Pressed juices vs Fresh juices study. What is Cold-Pressed? HPP (High pressure pressed) works by applying very high pressure (not heat) to a bottle of freshly squeezed juice, and […]

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How to Run Without Getting Injured: A Guide For Beginners

Know before you run

Running for humans is a natural form, unlike Swimming. However Running can get technical if a person is competitive and wants to take different level. If a person wants to be strong and injury free, it’s good to cultivate some good habits or techniques to be a better runner. Let me guide you on how […]

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