Do’s And Don’ts Of Obesity

Obesity solution

Obesity is an excessive and abnormal accumulation of fat cells in the body. A chronic disease by Nature, Obesity is increasingly becoming a global health issue that has reached epidemic proportions in India and other developed countries. Besides being a threat to the economy it has multiple serious long-term consequences such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases […]

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What To Eat Before Running

what to eat before running

To provide sufficient fuel, food should be predominantly high in Carbs and should not be too heavy. Carbs are stored in your muscles and liver as glycogen – in the form of energy – that your body can access most easily. Glycogen is the fuel for runners. When you run out of it, you feel […]

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More ways to detox your body

Detoxification is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. When there are too many toxics in your body, they eventually begin to harm your health. This is how you can detox your body: – Have low-fat milk and milk products. Chach with […]

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Benefits of Pranayama : Why do it daily

benefits of pranayama

Many Doctors who are familiar with benefits of Pranayama recommends their patients to do Pranayama daily, in order to stay fit and avoid falling sick. As a person with sedentary lifestyle reaches middle age, his lung-tissues tend to grow less which results into reduction of their capacity. Moreover, with age, accumulation of Uric Acid in […]

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How To Detox Your Body Naturally

how to detox your body

Looking for how to Detox your body? These are the simplest ways to do that: Have low fat milk and milk products. Chach with Bhuna Jeera , Dhaniya should be good   Consume low fat Paneer, all fruits and some salads like Cucumber. To make it little spicy, add a dash of lemon and Salt. […]

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Why Stretch After Run?

stretch after run

Every Runner should stretch after run. Running is an activity that requires moving your body in a specific pattern for a prolonged period of time. This continuous stretching and flexing in a repetitive way to propel you forward strains many body muscles – which ultimately results into stiffness, dehydration of all soft tissues (muscles, fascia, tendons, […]

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Benefits of Tulsi

benefits of tulsi seeds

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, has an antibacterial, antifungal properties which help in purifying the blood and keep skin and hair healthy and glowing. The holy basil is packed with antioxidants as well as immune-enhancing qualities, the phytochemicals present in Tulsi protect the body from damages caused by free radicals thus, delaying the ageing […]

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Running Myths : Facts that we misunderstood

Run Without Getting Injured

There are some running myths that we believe to be true. These are the facts that are often misunderstood by runners and beginners spend their most life believing them. No flab, no run. “Run often, run long, but never outrun your joy of running” Julie Isphoarding. This simple habit could benefit not only your health but could […]

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Why Runners Need A Training Plan?

Runners Need A Training Plan

We don’t fail because of injury, weather excuses or other circumstances. We fail because of under preparation and more importantly, for not having a proper training plan. Let me explain, why runners need a training plan. If your target is performance oriented and you want to achieve certain timing goal then it demands a training […]

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Fitness Trends in Delhi: The city of pace

fitness trends in delhi

Over the last couple of years, Delhi has come far ahead on its way to become the fitness capital of India. But it wasn’t always the same. Earlier, fitness was seen as leisure rather than a necessity. Even if someone was motivated and spared some time to be fit, after some days the motivation went […]

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Cycling Events In India: Every Cyclist Must Know

Cycling Events in India

There are many rides and events happening across India, some are private and some are done under the guidance of cycling associations. Every cyclist should know about these cycling events in India so that they do not end up losing opportunity to participate and take their passion to next level! Mumbai-Pune is a historical race […]

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Benefits of Quinoa : All that you should know

Benefits of Quinoa

It contains all nine essential amino acids making it a complete-protein source. Quinoa is therefore an excellent choice for vegans who may struggle to get enough protein in their daily portion of diet. Quinoa is also a very good source of Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Manganese. It possesses good levels of several B Vitamins, Vitamin […]

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Meditation Benefits: Reasons for you to start today!

Meditation Benefits

Meditation Benefits to Physical Health: With meditation, the physiology undergoes a change and every cell in the body is filled with more Prana (or energy). This result in joy, peace, enthusiasm as the level of Prana in the body increases. On physical level, meditation benefits include: Lowers high blood pressure. Lowers the levels of blood […]

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