Tracks, Runs and Rides

Until running plans, the runner could not keep a track of his/her whereabouts, the directions to follow and the distance he/she had covered. We wanted to make running a fun experience through which the runner could gain as much as possible. Thus, came the feature of GPS and maps. Now the user could track their […]

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Train for a Race

Since we were going goal oriented, we carried out an elaborate survey in order to decide how training plans were to be put forth before users. Most users pursuing running courses or searching for running plans for themselves were preparing for a race. Many of our experts in the market place were being asked for […]

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Lose Weight

“I’m not fat, I’m just nine inches too short”- Shelley Winters Maybe Winters didn’t consider the fact that gaining 9 inches is far more tough than shedding 9 kilos or even 90 in that case. Our comparatively practical approach would significantly help you get the body you always wanted. While analysing the goals our users pursued, […]

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Get Fit

A day, comprising of 24 hrs is too shy to open up with you completely at once. Few hours of work get you tired enough to imitate a sloth. Fitness makes you highly efficient, enabling you to extract the most from your day. In order to help you with this, our Easter bag has five […]

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Success Story of A Common Man: Sachin Malik

Sachin was extremely active in Sports during his school and college time, however everything took a backseat owing to the obligations of setting up his family business and getting married. Almost 20 years down the line, he decided to revamp his lifestyle and refuel his passion for sports and fitness. He wanted to do something […]

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Toughest Running Events In The World

toughest running races

Toughest running events in the world are inspired by historic events and humans have been pursuing running for long. Running for not decades, not centuries but since time immemorial. In fact, today’s science supports the theory that running has actually helped our bodies evolve the way we are. Our ancestors ran for hunting and scavenging, […]

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Bodyweight Training- The New Crusader for Fitness!

Most of us aiming for muscle development find ourselves in a fix as to which style of training is superior. Its either lifting standard weights or bodyweight training. Bodyweight training is a compilation of all the exercises that do not require free weights or equipment. Consequently, the individual solely relies on his body weight to generate resistance. Push-ups, […]

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How to lose weight without dieting or surgery?

alternative ways to lose weight

Why avoid dieting to lose weight: The body needs a balanced diet for its proper functioning. In order to lose few kilos, we end up affecting our metabolism in harmful ways. Donald Hensrud, M.D. the preventive medical specialist at the Mayo Clinic states that cutting down calories might be a more effective way of losing weight. […]

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Popular Running Groups in India

Hi folks! We are back with some provocative stuff to add fuel to your fitness flames. If ever you have had tumbled upon the desperate documentary channels, secret societies could be your fascination. Luckily, we found one kind too. That too innumerable and spread all around the world. Running Groups, provide you with the most […]

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Why Prefer a Personal Coach Over a Virtual One

Standing in front of the mirror, you wonder why your fitness plans fail so miserably. Why do they keep you sleepy all day and sleepless through nights. Why instability is overpowering your fervor. You start doubting yourself, losing confidence or start forcing yourself beyond limits. This is what lack of guidance from a Personal Coach […]

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7 Craziest Health Trends to Keep an Eye on

secret of Entrepreneurs

The rise and fall of health trends, has cemented the position of the health and wellness industry in terms following. Both in India and abroad, we have witnessed bizarre conventions, short lasting fads, crazy diets and people embracing them all! Back home, we have seen “The Maggi Ban” and “The Return of Maggi”.We have seen people going […]

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Weight Loss Tips: Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tips

You know that you should eat lots of green veggies, exercise, stay fit to lose enough weight to get into the shape you have always wanted. However, the stark reality is that there lies a vast difference between knowing something and actually doing it. Our global team of highly skilled and experienced nutritionists outline the easiest Weight Loss […]

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