10 Daily Habits To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is a super inspirational feeling by getting motivated of your hard work paying off. But losing weight is not enough maintaining the lost weight is too important. “Practice Habits Until They Become Lifestyle”. Behind every weight loss effort is a story of making some changes in daily habits. Small and easy changes can […]

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Early Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition: What to Eat, What Not to Eat

Early Pregnancy Diet

They say responsibility doubles for a woman as soon as she elevates herself to the post of a mother. But it is better said ‘responsibility doubles the moment she embarks upon her nine-month long journey’. To be a mother differs greatly from that to be a woman. Doesn’t the fact that the two lives breathe […]

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Usain Bolt Diet – The Fuel for Fire

Usain Bolt Diet Plan

Usain Bolt consumed 1,000 Chicken Mcnuggets whilst in Beijing for the Olympics in 10 days. That means that Bolt ate about 59,000 calories, 3,000 grams of protein, and 4,000 grams of fat during the tournament. As an athlete, you need a lot of protein, and chicken is a great source, granted. That said, anything deep fried is […]

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Essential Pre-run Stretches That You Should Know!

Be it your morning or evening jog, a few good stretches are always a great way to start out. After a tired day at work or a good night’s sleep, stretching is sometimes a highly rejuvenating feeling to those muscles. Stretching is also a major requirement while you are on a workout regime. It eases […]

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Diet Impact On Child Intelligence During Pregnancy

To be a mother is certainly an inexplicable feeling to get accommodated in the space of words. But wouldn’t it add more to the gaiety of being a mom of a brainy child? Wouldn’t you take pride in seeing your kid outperforming in every realm of life? Needless to say, every mom craves for that. […]

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The Top 9 Superstitious Facts Associated with Fitness

Fitness Superstition

It is quite common that even professionals are trapped under superstitious myths of fitness. World class golfer Tiger Woods always wears a red T-shirt while competing on Sundays. Before the first serve tennis star, Serena Williams bounces the ball five times. Psychology says that superstitions are rooted in the desire to have control of uncertain […]

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Easy-To-Follow Expert Tips For Detox Cleanse

  People generally link the term “detox cleanse” to sobering up from an alcohol-binge. Detoxification is more than that. It relates to every aspect of cleaning your body and ridding it of toxic substances. Detox is mainly associated with the liver. It also is linked to optimizing the body’s function and improving health. Metabolic detoxification […]

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Cycling Tips: Ultimate guide to start your journey now

All you need to know about the basic cycling tips for beginners Whether you are pedaling hard through a race or whistling through the woods on your cycle, you can be sure of being fit and healthy. But many of us are still looking to start and hence the need of cycling tips for beginners. […]

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