Healthy Shades Of Marijuana: 11 Benefits

benefits of weed

To legalize marijuana has since long been an undecided conundrum. Marijuana’s proponents in the United States claim it as rather safer than alcohol, while opponents disregard it as low as ‘drugs’. Is it really safe? Or is it still away to get a green nod from the jury? Further research may push it close to […]

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13 Fat Burning Drinks To Get The Body You Always Desired!

Fat Burning Drinks

What if you found out that it was possible to lose weight by consuming fat burning drinks? And the ingredients for these drinks are in your fridge and pantry right now! Weight loss is a long and cumbersome process that requires a big dose of discipline, patience, and motivation. Let’s face it; we lose all […]

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Cocktailing Yoga With Grass – The Lows and ‘High’

yoga and weed

The rising fitness mania and the demand for legalization of psychoactive drugs may sound like two completely different subjects on the paradigm. But, admit it. Synthesizing these two ideas has crossed your mind. Silly, yes! so let’s just get it out there and ventilate on the idea like a boss. What are the benefits of […]

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Fitness Secrets of Celebrities

fitness secrets of celebrities

Whenever they walk on Red carpet or attend any big function their flawless beauty, super toned body touches the millions and trillions of heart. On that moment one thing which comes to a mind is what’s the secret behind their killer physique? And without any pause, the answer is strict work-out routine with a balanced […]

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Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Diet Plan and Workout

Let’s just go all Biblical on motherhood and give a Mamma-twist to those wedding vows “To have and to hold”. Baking your very own bun in your very own oven is a joy unparalleled. It takes all the pain out of weight gain. Even so, once their bundles of joy are safely in their arms, […]

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Top Running Events In Mumbai

running events in mumbai

Have you always thought of getting in better shape without purchasing high-priced fitness subsidy or sports products? Well, we have a good news for you! Running will help in getting fit and in shape without spending a fortune.Running is an activity everyone can take part in and all it needs is a pair of comfortable […]

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Shilpa Shetty Yoga for Weight Loss: Tips and Tricks

shilpa shetty yoga for weight loss

What’s special about Shilpa Shetty Yoga for weight loss? This Bollywood beauty made news when she announced that she had to lose over 80 post-pregnancy pounds! Even though she had a personal trainer and committed herself to a strict exercise regimen and diet plan, magic formula for her weight loss were yoga exercises. Not only […]

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Marijuana Detox: Complete Guide

Marijuana Detox

This complete guide for Marijuana Detox. We can’t live in denial that sizeable Indian population is cannabis lover. But they struggle to recover quickly for work (or for test sometimes). Here we have presented the natural and artificial product route for marijuana detox. Ways to get Marijuana out of the system Drinking: Increase of fluid intake naturally […]

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Top Bicycle Rent Shops in Bangalore

bike rent in bangalore

Planning to go for a bicycle ride? Here is an exhaustive list for bike rental in Bangalore. Rentomo This online marketplace for renting and sharing have all kinds of bicycles one might be looking for as they are owned by bicycle lovers. The prices start at just 100 Rs per day for road bikes and around 500 […]

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10 Ways To Achieve Fast Fat-Loss & Muscle Gain!

lose weight fast

To gain and lose simultaneously is in itself a paradox. Losing fat and gaining muscle is what most of the fitness buffs hanker for. But yeah, gaining muscle and losing fat isn’t as simple as it is to write. However, it’s not a pipedream too. Disciplined and staunch attitude towards your fitness regime does make […]

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Top 10 Indian Healthy Snacks

Indian Healthy Snacks

If you’re watching your weight these days but are prone to a bit of between-meal snacking, then your best options lie with Indian healthy snacks. With dieters, desi khana has a bit of a bad rep for containing lots of ghee, sugar, oil and being over spiced. Indian mothers especially have a reputation for taking […]

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Top Cycling Clubs in Delhi NCR

Delhi Cycling Clubs

Delhi Cycling clubs are quite vibrant and growing. When it comes to number Delhi Cyclists, Delhi Elite Cyclists, Spinlife India and East Delhi Riders lead the pack. Delhi Cyclists (South Delhi) They do one midweek and one-weekend ride. The rides are a mix of endurance and short rides. Rides typically start at 5:30 AM in morning. […]

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