Debunking the Myths of Olive Oil

Off late olive oil has gained immense popularity among people in general. It has become a common household name in terms of acquaintance, flavour and how best the product can be used considering its price. As we all know olive oil commonly comes as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, and Pomace Olive Oil. […]

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Ice Cream Diet for Weight Loss

Ice Cream Diet Plan

Athletes in the 21st century usually stick to a strict diet throughout challenging tournaments to keep their body at optimal performance, but then again, Roger Federer isn’t like many others. The 35-year-old family man revealed his secret diet after defeating Tomas Berdych in straight sets. “I like my ice cream, I like my chocolate. That’s […]

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Is Forefoot Striking a Running Best Practice?

running form tips

Forefoot striking seems to be the current trend when discussing best practices for running style. But Ironman coach doesn’t agree especially for a distance runner or IRONMAN competitor. As per him, foot strike should change with speed and terrain: LSD (long, slow, distance) pace: Neutral or what is referred to as “mid-foot” is recommended Faster […]

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How to Prevent Peanut Allergies? Expert’s Advice

Allergies to peanut butter are common amongst children. Pediatricians and allergy experts once agreed that the best solution was to avoid peanuts altogether. Recent Research Findings But just as babies can be trained to recognize that hot stoves are dangerous, so too can their immune systems be educated to see peanut proteins as harmless rather […]

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To Burn More Calories At Work Do This

You already know that standing can reduce some of the harmful effects of too much sitting. But according to a recent study, you’ll get a bigger health boost if you focus not only on the number of hours you spend standing but on the number of times you stand up, as well. This study was conducted by […]

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Desi Ghee: Does It help for Weight Loss?

desi ghee benefits

The word ‘Ghee‘ brings back all the nostalgic memories of grandma who religiously put a dollop of ghee into everything she cooked. I remember how my grandma even applied ghee on her body, starting from her skin to hair and I used to wonder how she had such beautiful, acne free skin and lustrous hair. […]

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