Enjoy Summer At Our Pools The Whole Year!

Swimming is a sport for the summers because water and winter don’t exactly go together. Correct? WRONG! At Fitso we have taken the task to remove this myth. As a result, more than 5000 people from all over Delhi NCR have already joined us so far for swimming this winter. Forget Gym. Join Swimming Swimming […]

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Flashback 2018. The Year That Was, Through Events

You don’t need any special day to call it the event’s day. Every day is eventful with Fitso but to have one that will be just yours and which will remain in your memory for a long time, you need a special day. Sometimes we have called that day Aquathon, sometimes Summer Camp and sometimes […]

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8 in 10 Pregnant Women Say Swimming Helped During Their Pregnancy.

swimming is the best exercise during pregnancy

In This Article, Find: Is Swimming good for Pregnancy?Health Benefits of Swimming during PregnancySwimming Exercises for Each TrimesterWhat to wear while Swimming?Swimming Strokes Recommended by Doctors during pregnancyPrecautions to take during SwimmingSuggested Swimming Activities For A Pregnant WomanFinal Thought Is Swimming good for Pregnancy? Not many know how swimming is beneficial during pregnancy as well […]

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How Swimming is the Best Exercise for Old People?

benefits of swimming for seniors

In This Article, Find: Is Swimming Good for Seniors?How Swimming Benefits Seniors?What are some good Swimming Exercises for Old People?Things To Take Care Before You Join A Swimming Pool Is Swimming Good for Seniors? Swimming is a fun activity and mostly it is popular among kids and young adults. However, it should be not be […]

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Abhishek Rathor – Fastest Indian to cross 120 KM in 12 Hours

fastest 12 hour finisher in india

The Story of National Record Champion “I wished that it would get over quickly, but quitting was never an option. The discomfort only made me run faster and better.” When IRONMAN Abhishek Rathor became the First Indian to cross 120 Km mark in 12 hours and create a new NEB 12 Hours Category record on Indian […]

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Strengthening Mental Health with Swimming

swimming improves mental health

Understanding Mental Health Holistically Mental stress can be due to work, education, money problems, or relationship issues. These things can further cause depression and anxiety. As you grow older and get into your routine life, your mental health tends to take a backseat. Mental health can be understood as two terms, one is mental wellbeing […]

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A Revolution to Make India Swimming Literate

make india swimming literate

It is time we stop being obsessed only over popular sports such as Cricket and understand the significance of all sports. Swimming is one such under-appreciated sport. It is not the lack of talent but the lack of technology, infrastructure and other facilities to give the most optimal coaching environment for all swimming talents in […]

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Why is there a Dearth of Swimming Facilities in Delhi?

Talent succeeds only when given the right kind of environment to grow and nurture. This applies to all careers and swimming is a field which is not left as an exception. Having said this, Delhi, the Capital of India itself faces reducing the number of heated pools. What’s more depressing is that there is no […]

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Best Way to Prevent Yourself from Smog?

protect yourself from the toxic smog

Smog busted! Smog is not a hidden notion. Or rather it is everywhere! Smog, the combination of the words – Smoke and Fog is a severe kind of Air pollutant. The term was coined way back in the early 20th century because of its opacity, and odour.     In the early 1900’s, the combination […]

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Most acclaimed Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal

Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal One of the “Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal”, is a young and talented Indian swimmer born on 23rd January 1989. He has contested in various swimming events, few of which include the men’s 100 m and 200 m breaststroke events. He has also participated in the 2010 Asian Juniors that […]

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India’s Michael Phelps & Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sajan Prakash

Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sajan Prakash India has given the best quality of athletes to the entire world. Now when talking about the sports field of Swimming there is a vast variety of swimmers available in Indian territory. Let’s get a dive into the insight of the Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sajan Prakash. As the 2018 Asian […]

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