Running Tracks in Chennai

running group chennai

Running is one of the best forms of exercise which will help you to lead a healthy and wholesome life. Most of the time running is absolutely free and you don’t need any preparation for running. So, if you are planning to incorporate running into your daily regime, then choosing your running track can be […]

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Top 10 Acclaimed Indian Swimmers

indian swimmers

Since the year 1896, Swimming is one of the primary five unique games to have been included in every release of the present day Olympics. Offering the second most significant number of opportunities after Athletics, Indian swimmers have bagged many records in both male and female categories. The integral governing apex for promotion and administration of […]

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Running Groups in Mumbai

running groups in mumbai

Fitness is a term which is not-understood properly and thus, people often ignore it. As a result, these days people have became more susceptible to various diseases like obesity, fatty heart, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. But nowadays the situation is beginning to change. People have started to realize that fitness plays an imperative role […]

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Fitso Flash – India’s Biggest Running Program

Fitso Flash - India's Biggest Running Coaching Program

Fitso is the heaven for people who love fitness, especially who like to run out in the open. While it started as an app that finds your running or cycling partner, today it offers comprehensive fitness solution provided by personal fitness coaches. Whether you want to get a personalized running program or want to enjoy running with […]

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Top 10 Swimming pools in North Mumbai

swimming pools in North Mumbai

Who doesn’t love swimming pools!? Either burn calories, click selfies or enjoy with your friends or partners-, you can do absolutely anything you want! Swimming helps you to relax and de-stress! In this list, we are talking about swimming pools in Mumbai- and wait! This one will talk about pools just nearby to your house! […]

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