Ready for Triathlon : Time to Level Up Your Limit


Sports has inspired many people across the globe not only as a recreational activity, but as a regime to achieve fitness goals and the overall well being. One such sport activity that has forayed into the Indian sports arena is the Triathlon. As the name suggests it consists of 3 activities namely swimming, cycling and […]

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Natural Remedies for Instant Relief from Loose Motion

home remedies for loose motion

We all have experienced loose motions at least once. It makes up for an embarrassing (and sometimes convenient) excuse to take leave from work. Having talked about that, though loose motions are not uncommon or serious, they might turn dangerous if ignored. Water and minerals come out of your body along with the loose stools. […]

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Juices vs Smoothies: Which one is healthier?

healthy smoothies

Health is wealth and it is important or the people to consume healthy food. But, one cannot deny the taste of tongue that keeps lurking a person to eat or drink something tasty. So, here, the competition is between juices and smoothies. The present scenario talks about the health conscious race that works towards eating […]

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10 Hidden Benefits of Swimming

Benefits of swimming

Swimming is one of those few sports that is just perfectly a complete exercise and is suitable for people of almost all age groups. If you are 9 or you are 90 swimming benefits you in all ages. One of the best thing about swimming is that it does not require any extra gadgets and […]

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Latest Running Events in Delhi/NCR

Latest Running Events in Delhi

Nehru Park Fun Run Date: 21st May                   Location: Nehru Park, New Delhi Details: Just like the name says, this is a run purely aimed at having fun. It won’t be timed at all. Participants are free to choose between 6 kilometers and 12 kilometers. All runners will get refreshments, participant medals and certificates. Contact: E-mail […]

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Top 10 Adventurous places in Bangalore

adventurous places in Bangalore

Living and working in Bangalore can be a tedious task. It is like working day and night, forgetting all the fun just to earn money, but what about that adrenaline rush? What about that passion for doing something adventurous? Well, life is about balancing between work and entertainment, and for the people living in Bangalore, […]

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Fitso Duathlon Challenge 2017

Fitso Duathlon Challenge is first of it’s kind. You have to complete 5 km run, followed by 20 km ride, and then 5 km run. Why you shouldn’t miss this challenge? No fee to participate in the challenge. It’s completely free. It’s time for multisport – a bigger challenge, lesser chance of injury and more […]

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How to Reduce Body Heat and Keep It Under Control

Heat stress or body heat is a common health issue which occurs when the body fails to keep its temperature within the normal range. This is caused when the body is exposed to high temperature. Typically, sweating cools off the body heat, but sometimes it is insufficient causing the temperature to rise. Body heat often […]

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9 Evening Snacks That Top Nutritionists Recommend

Eating healthy during 9 to 5 jobs or any other office jobs is a bit tricky. The possibilities are that you totally skip your meals or you start munching on all the sugary fatty food items stashed in the pantry, either of which is an unhealthy habit. Expert nutritionists advice that one should eat healthy […]

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10 Best, Cost Effective Swimming Pools in Delhi

best swimming pools in delhi

Enjoy the water of the swimming pool in Delhi to get relief from the burning heat of summer. The whole country is under the scorching heat of the sun during summer, and Delhi is not far away from it. You will like to stay in water maximum time and rejuvenating your body cool and soothing […]

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