Weight-loss success story: Mitul lost 4.5 kg in a month

mitul weight loss

Mitul had everything he ever wanted. A cushy job as a relationship manager at a swanky bank, a beautiful wife, a nice home and friends. Amidst his busy life though, he felt as though he was missing out on something important. What was it? Health takes a Backseat It’s easy to get caught up in […]

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Handle Diabetes Naturally Through Yoga and Healthy Diet

Love for desserts, sweeteners and a sweet dish is never ending. It is a ritual to eat something sweet before going to an important event, after dinner and when good news arrives. But, sometimes consuming sweet items leads to an imbalance in the body. Doctors explain when the insulin level in the body decreases; blood […]

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Sunny Leone Fitness Secrets to Stay Fit & Healthy

sunny leone fitness secrets

Sunny Leone, born Karenjit Kaur Vohra, needs no special introduction. Since her appearance in Bigg Boss 2011, she has taken the Indian entertainment industry by storm as well as our hearts. Starting out as an adult film actress, she caught mainstream attention with her participation in the 2011 edition of Bigg Boss. Nearly 5 years later, she […]

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Justin Trudeau: The Fit Politician

Justin Trudeau. The name shouldn’t be unfamiliar to anyone who follows the internet and it’s never ending craze for the awesome people. Justin Trudeau is just that. The Canadian PM, son the former Canada PM Pierre Trudeau, is undoubtedly the coolest politician in the world. Besides his radical governance approach and down to earth personality, […]

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Lose 7 kg in 14 Days with Cucumber Detox Diet

cucumber diet

You heard it right, at least 7 kg weight loss in under two weeks. This is no click-bait rather proven results via the healthy, restricted diet plan based on cucumber. The diet is plain and simple. You substitute a few items on your menu for different food recipes based on cucumber. These include salads, shakes etc. First let’s […]

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Top 10 Running Coaches in Delhi/NCR

top running coaches delhi ncr

“There’s one person apart from you, who can make a huge difference to your fitness. It’s a coach” Coaches are trained and experienced in helping runners figure out exactly how to meet their fitness objectives. Any runner who has a specific goal can benefit from a coach—whether that’s a time goal, qualifying for a marathon, […]

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The Only Addiction of These Actresses is – Yoga

It is rightly said by Donna Farhi that Yoga does not remove us from the responsibilities of everyday life but places our feet firmly in the practical ground of experience. These lines have been seriously taken by some of the actresses in our tinsel town as well as hollywood actresses who have taken pledge to […]

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Unbelievable Diet Rules Backed by Science

diet myths

Healthy eating habits can go out of the window when we’ve got no time for complementing them with physical activity. Losing weight isn’t easy-and by doing it in a healthy, sustainable and scientific way can make the task a little easy and interesting. Eat smart + move more = weight loss. Anyone who has ever […]

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Souping It…The Healthy Way

soup for weigh loss

Just like salads, soups can be a bowlful of health if cooked wisely with nutritious ingredients. Soups can be a welcome addition to the meal, when veggies are added to it. It becomes a tasty way for your family to top up on nutrients like vitamins A, C and E, folic acid, potassium, calcium and […]

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Revital Capsules – A Shortcut for Healthy Life

revital capsules benefits and side-effects

There were days when people ate well and worked hard. The food was cooked on a grand scale feeding at least a minimum of 10 members, and equally was the work carried out. Be it domestic or outdoor work, there were no shortcuts and means to machines to ease out the daily chores. I remember […]

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