Getting Rid of Fat Face

how to lose fat face

While you may have worked really hard to lose weight, it is still a challenge to look slim without knowing how to reduce fat from face. If your face is slim, you can work on just the dressing to appear slim, but however slim you may be, if your face is fat, it does give […]

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Fitness Secret of Bollywood Actress Aditi Rao Hydari

Aditi Rao Hydari fitness secrets

Aditi Rao Hydari is a renowned Bollywood actress who started her career with Tamil film and did many films in Tamil and Hindi and notable among them is Murder 3. She is featured in many advertisements. The actress maintains her body in a perfect way. It is not only her body but her skin and […]

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How to Cure Chicken Pox: Diet and Health Recommendation

Complete Indian diet plan for chicken pox: Do's and Dont's

Chicken Pox also known as Varicella Zoster and it is one of the most contagious diseases. Generally, chicken pox is labelled as “childhood illness” people can suffer from it later in life if they have not had it before. Once you had chicken pox, the body develops a high immunity against the virus, thus preventing […]

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Learn More About Vitamin D: Natural Source and Supplements

vitamin d rich foods

Unlike the other vitamins, Vitamin D is absolutely different. It is considered as a steroidal compound or a hormone that can be produced by our body. When our skin is exposed to sunlight, the skin cells break cholesterol and prepares Vitamin D. this is why it is also called as ‘Sunshine Vitamin’. In some cases, […]

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Paloma Monappa: Diet and Fitness

paloma monnappa fitness

If you’re a follower of the modelling world in India, you sure have heard of the gorgeous Paloma Monnappa. Originating from Karnataka, this half Coorgi half Tibetan has taken the hearts of the youth by storm. Besides her obviously stunning looks, Monnappa is one of the few multi-talented models out there. Monnappa has acted in […]

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Vitamin B- Vital amine for human body

benefits of vitamin b

Vitamin B is the water soluble vitamins which plays a very important role in cell-metabolism and to build energy in human body.  Vitamin B are eight in number and look very similar to each one of them but they have different properties and their benefits in human body are not similar. Benefits of Vitamin B […]

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Vitamin C- The Exhaustive Guide

vitamin c benefits

Ascorbic Acid which is commonly known as vitamin C is the abundant in fruits and vegetables. It is a vitamin that works as a powerful anti-oxidant helps the body to form and maintain a healthy connective tissues that includes, bones, tissues and blood-vessels. The vitamin is also water soluble in nature and that is one […]

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Effectiveness of Jeera water to help with Weight Loss

Jeera water for weight loss

Are you worried about your increased weight? Looking for a natural solution? Then jeera water would be the best solution for you. Researchers have shown that jeera water is effective for weight loss. Jeera or cumin seed is one of the most popular spices in Indian cuisine.  This spice adds aroma and taste to various […]

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Take Tips from The Fitness Queen Yami Gautam

yami gautam fitness regimen

Who does not like the Bengali character in the critically acclaimed movie ‘Vicky Donor’ played by Yami Gautam? She immediately became a heartthrob by adorning sarees and showing her sultry skills on the silver screen. She is a versatile actress and keeps her herself fit by indulging in a healthy routine of proper diets and […]

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Jacqueline Fernandez Fitness Secrets To Her Toned Body

jacqueline fernandez diet

Beauty drain from Sri Lanka to India was a boon to Bollywood as it bagged one of the finest actresses into its flock, Jacqueline Fernandez. This Srilankan model has merely completed her 31 revolutions around the sun, but the glow of her beauty and body doesn’t quite hint at her being in the early thirties. […]

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