fears of swimming

Fears of swimming & how to overcome them.

Fear is natural but you should be able to overcome those fears. Many people fear water but is aqua phobia keeping you from taking a dip in the pool? If yes, this article is for you. We will together learn to fight the fears of swimming.

Causes of Aquaphobia

  • It often exists as an instinctive fear related to the fear of drowning.
  • It may be related to a bad experience that occurred in childhood.
  • It may have been transmitted to a child by parents that were themselves afraid of water.
  • It may have been ingrained by swim instructors that used inadequate and/or stressful methods to teach swimming.

fears of swimming

Tips to overcome Fears of Swimming

  • Start by getting your feet wet and try to gradually get deeper into the water
  • When you can stand in water deep enough splash water on your face as if you are washing it. At the same time think of positive images while you are splashing your face.
  • Next try to learn to hold your breath under the water and breathe out into the water. Basically, blow bubbles!
  • Hold the side and practice kicking with your body stretched out
  • Don’t feel rushed to make progress.
  • Be comfortable.
  • You can also bring a friend with you for support.

fears of swimming

How We can Help

We have a team of professional and experienced coaches at our pools in Delhi-NCR who can help you out with overcoming your fear of water and swimming. All the coaches are certified and know how to deal with such cases. Also they have helped out many people with their aquaphobia who now are confident swimmers. To join our swimming coaching classes you can visit our website here.

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While you follow these tip, we hope you discover that being in the water doesn’t have to be intimidating, and can even be quite enjoyable once you become more comfortable.

Hopefully, with time and practice, you will be able to overcome your fear of water. Don’t rush it, take your time working on those tips, even if it takes a few weeks or longer. It definitely is worth it!

And once you are comfortable in the water, the next logical step is to start learning a few basic swimming strokes and then to learn how to swim.

Hopefully, these tips will shed your fears of swimming and help you be comfortable in the water. Happy swimming 🙂