overcome muscle soreness after marathon

How to Overcome Muscle Soreness after Marathon Race

Never mind the physical damage a challenging Marathon does to you – the psychic pain you feel from an injury is actually something that takes a heavy toll on you. The moment you realize that you’ve started losing your edge – way faster than it took you to build it – you go berserk. In this article, I’ll tell you how to overcome muscle soreness after Marathon race.

To get through such a predicament with a smile can sometimes be a hard task to do and that is exactly why you must know what to do to have a strong comeback from your injuries or any kind of muscle soreness you get after a heavy run.

Here 6 things you can do to ensure a faster recovery from any kind of physical damage:

Take it easy
Once you get some signs of recovery don’t rush for it. Gradually increase your speed of running and intake of any supplements you were taking.

Be Cautious
If you start to notice symptoms of any physical injury just step back. Don’t take it on your ego and think it as a sign of defeat. It is always better to reassess right away than damage yourself further.

Stretching Exercises
Do some general stretching exercises for a few days, if you feel severe muscle soreness. Stretching exercises reduce pain and stiffness while your muscles are recovering.

Take A Shower
Ice baths or cold water baths are also favored by many runners. Remember cold, not hot!

Taking Medication
If you’re feeling too much discomfort or severe muscle soreness, take a dose of pain reliever like aspirin or ibuprofen. However, be cautious of the dose you take.

General Practices
Eat well and stay hydrated to facilitate recovery right after the Marathon. Other than this, it is generally advised to take a gentle walk for 10 to 20 minutes after the marathon.