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Benefits of Outdoor Workouts in Winters: Why they are better than Indoor?

They greatest challenge in Winters is going out for Outdoor Workouts, in the cold weather and chilling breeze. So is it good idea to go out or not?

No wonder even for the fittest and the most committed people out there, regular workout is a constant challenge and at this time of the year when most people just don’t even have the courage to step outside the door to collect their morning newspaper – going outdoors for a workout could be a daunting task.

Well we know how hard it is, and that’s why these winters, we have decided to bring to you just the right amount of inspiration and encouragement to opt for a workout outdoors:

1. In such cold weather conditions when you’ll be working out outside your body will need to work harder to regulate its core temperature – which means you’ll burn more calories during your winter workouts.

2. Cold weather makes the heart work harder to regulate the blood flow. So regular cardiovascular exercises in cold temperature is likely to make your heart much stronger.

3. Of course when you’ll sweat you’ll drink more water and drinking more water is always beneficial for your body.

4. Working out in cold and harsh conditions is likely to help you build a tolerance for freezing elements.

5. As obtaining a good dose of Vitamin D is comparatively tough in winters, an outdoor workout is highly recommended as and when possible.

6. Thanks to the lack of humidity, exercises done in the cold weather also help boost your mood. As your body works harder, it releases high amount of endorphins which results in euphoria and happiness.

So get going! Outdoor workout these winters will help you a lot!

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