Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Greetings from FITSO.

During this tough and challenging time, a lot of things are being left to speculate. Our members have been asking what is being done at the facilities, what happens to the membership and how is Fitso working towards addressing issues around the COVID-19 outbreak? We at Fitso are committed to reducing our members’ anxiety around our facilities’ operation status, our actions and safety measures at the facilities and most importantly the impact of the outbreak on their plan purchase decisions. We are going to break this void and structure our communication as under:

Our Operations:

  • We have taken a conscious call to close down our sports and pool facilities till 31st March in Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and Faridabad. We have also deferred our new pool and facilities onboarding at these locations post 31st March 2020.
  • Our pools in Noida have been closed till 15th April and all new pool and facility launches have been shifted post 15th April
  • In case of a change in directive by the regulatory/ designated authorities in the respective location , we will be preponing / delaying the reopening of these facilities accordingly

Fitso membership, new purchase, and plan renewal status

  • We believe that there has not been a better time to emphasise the importance of staying fit and boosting our immunity by making smart life choices. In the light of the above, here is what we have planned for all our current and new customers:
    • All existing Fitso members have been provided commensurate extensions and freeze days
    • All new members can opt for a future plan start date as per their own comfort
    • We have launched our “Once in a lifetime” offer, to make it easier for everyone to either buy or extend plan validities at a nominal price. These are the lowest prices that Fitso plans will ever be offered at and are in lieu of the extra-ordinary circumstances prevailing currently. You can avail the offer here – Fitso Offers.

Our readiness against COVID-19:

  • As communicated through our offline and online channels, Fitso is ready to combat and check the spread at all its facilities.
  • Facility cleanliness and use of sanitizers is and has become of paramount importance at all our facilities, which are happening as we speak and will continue to happen even after resumption of our services
  • All our members and staff have been educated on the concept of social distancing and have been advised to practice the following:
    • Travel only when unavoidable
    • Avoid places where a large congregation of people happens like malls, events, pubs, etc.
    • Work from home whenever possible, avoid or postpone meetings with outsiders
    • Do not meet in large groups for some time

While we terribly miss all the drops, smashes, volleys and strokes, it is of paramount to stay safe and observe the guidelines laid out by the Health Ministry. We look forward to the situation improving soon and coming back stronger than ever before.