The Only Addiction of These Actresses is – Yoga

It is rightly said by Donna Farhi that Yoga does not remove us from the responsibilities of everyday life but places our feet firmly in the practical ground of experience. These lines have been seriously taken by some of the actresses in our tinsel town as well as hollywood actresses who have taken pledge to shape their body through Yoga.

Nargis Fahkri

Nargis Fakhri - Bollywood and hollywood celebrities Yoga

This model and also an actor has grossed in a fortune for acting in a number of well-known movies that have won applause in the movie industry. “Rockstar” actress has mesmerised everybody with her lean torso, long legs and a super athletic body. Apart from a tedious workout in the gym, she spends a lot of time in shaping body through Yoga. Nargis has lots of benefits to discuss through yoga which she has experienced in her life.

She practices yoga for relaxation, usually, she follows hatha yoga to build immunity and for tension reduction. Hatha yoga also helps her to tone the spine and strengthen her body. It increases the flexibility of her body. She believes yoga is the biggest secret of her beauty.

Jacqueline Fernandez


Jacqueline Fernandes - Bollywood and hollywood celebrities Yoga


This Sri Lankan beauty has made a mark into the industry with her beauty and wonderful performances. Yoga has always been an indispensable part of her fitness regimen. She considers yoga as her stress buster. For her yoga is a holistic package, it helps her to emphasise on bringing together her body, mind and soul to a state of oneness. To improve her blood flow, strengthen her shoulders and arms, to stimulate her lymphatic system she practices headstand. Along with headstand, she follows hath yoga and aerial Yoga which helps her to improve flexibility, circulation of blood, combating ageing and its symptoms. Another key benefit of doing aerial yoga is it releases happy hormones.

Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora - Bollywood and hollywood celebrities Yoga

Maliaka Arora has stunned everybody with her impeccable curvaceous body. At the age of 40, she has convincingly pulled off the style with great attitude and panache. Her beauty secrets are no more under the wrap and yoga has been the biggest factor for her well maintained the curvy voluptuous figure. For the relaxation of body and soul, she follows aerial yoga. For her, these out of the box workouts are no gimmick, this anti-gravity workout has helped her to build flexibility, balance, mobility and strength. Through aerial yoga, one is expected to lose 300-400 calories in an hour and helps her in mood lifting.

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty - Bollywood and hollywood celebrities Yoga

Some celebrities grow sexier with ageing and it’s undeniable that Shilpa hSetty is one of them. She has not only given everybody a fitness goal but has also shared the secrets of her incredibly toned figure and slender waistline. She is one of those first actresses who has highlighted the importance of yoga in our life.

She practices Padahastasana for a flat tummy, Makarasana to relax her nervous system, Dhanurasana for stress release and relief from menstrual cramps, Ardha Salabhasana to stimulate the digestive system, Naukasana to reduce fat and strengthen the lower body. Follow all the asanas for the perfect figure like Shilpa Shetty.

Lara Dutta

Lara Dutta - Bollywood and hollywood celebrities Yoga

Another yoga follower is Lara Dutta who has been following yoga for over 12 years now. Yoga has changed her life completely in a good way, Lara Dutta motivates us how pregnant women can help herself to get recover easily after post delivery for which she picked up those asanas which helped her to build endurance and creates stronger, leaner and more flexible body. Pranayama is the best asana which comes to the mother’s aid when she is in labour.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson - Bollywood and hollywood celebrities Yoga

Hollywood actress Kate Hudson has almost gone from famous to fabletics body. Her fitness, beauty, lifestyle is somewhat everyone will look for. A busy single mom juggling two careers knows how to take care of her fitness very well. For her exercise is a way to connect to the people that is why she started indulging yoga in her fitness regime which helped her to attain mental peace, apart from including pilates, cardio exercises, stretching, she has also committed to herself to give ample time to yoga.


Beyonce - Bollywood and hollywood celebrities Yoga

Beyonce has always been known for 2 things – her singing and her ridiculously hot body.Though she claims that she is not an expert in yoga but she practices certain poses which comes to her stress reliever.Through yoga she has become bendy and increased her flexibilty.

Jessica Alba

 Jesica Alba - Bollywood and hollywood celebrities Yoga

A gifted young actress, Jessica has played a variety of roles ranging from light comedy to gritty drama since beginning her career. Apart form being applauded for her performances, she has been praised for her hot bod as well. She has followed many tricky poses from tree to standing bow. She has credited for her strong and flexible body to martial arts and yoga but yoga is one of her fortes. Some of the poses she follows are chair, one legged chair, waterfall warrior, extended triangle, dolphin, warrior III, downward dog split.

Mirranda Kerr

Mirranda Kerr - Bollywood and hollywood celebrities Yoga

Miranda May Kerr is a popular name and a renowned face in the international fashion realm. She is an Australian model and embarked on a modelling career when she was in her early teens. She has been praised for her curvacious body whose credit she solely gives to yoga. She loves to do yoga, few of her favourite poses are shoulder stand for which helps her to give energy – Wheel pose, which is good to get rid of emotional tension; Half twist pose, which is great for cleansing the kidneys and Warrior I pose, which is great for preparing you for the day ahead.

Alessandra Ambosio

Alessandra Ambosio - Bollywood and hollywood celebrities Yoga

This long-legged Brazilian bombshell didn’t have to really struggle to grab attention and opportunities in the fashion world. With a face as beautiful as her body, which has achieved a lot of fame, she is giving major time to yoga to shape her body. Yoga has given her flawless glow and amazing body.

Sooner or later one gets to know the importance of yoga. The sooner everyone realises the better it is.

Stay healthy stay fit!