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Fitso’s Personal Coach: Your best fitness solution

Having a personal trainer or a coach makes great sense. It is a misconceived notion that personal trainers are only for celebrities and athletes; in reality, every single one of us can benefit from working with a trainer. We now have amazing online facilities with personal trainers which are both effective and affordable.

Aspiring to be fit could only be the easiest part. Because majority of us, after commitment are still long way to take those ideas and turn them to reality. I’m sure you have had plans charted out and taken the time out to enrol in the local gym, but hardly a few manage to stick to the plan and make it till the month’s end. It’s not for lack of trying though. It just doesn’t come easily/naturally to many of us. Lack of motivation and guidance might have played spoilsport, or just the beginners fear and uncertainty holding us back. After all, we’ll have to start somewhere and this decision to initiate a change in itself is a victory.
Coach guiding his client
Here at Fitso, we have a market place of trainers for our customers. You can directly interact with a pool of certified trainers, nutritionists and fitness experts through calls and chats. This much awaited step has become popular amongst our users. Fitness enthusiasts from all over the world are experiencing the convenience at which fitness is being made available to them. We have provided the Increasing number of users personalised fitness plans and detailed workout regimes. This has multiplied the work for our experts many folds. Also, this further resulted in lesser number of customers being attended. The message response rate declined, and thus, our market place started losing its credibility.

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Client training with his trainer
In parallel, we carried out an experiment. Amongst our many experts, we mentioned the ones affiliated completely with us as ‘Fitso experts’. The aim was to gain higher level of trust from our users and apparently we succeeded. The stats made it clear that Fitso experts were more in demand. Combining our experiences we realized the need of personal coaches for our users. They could be present for their clients through every thick and thin, provide them with the ample time needed and personalised plans. Also, having a handful of reliable soldiers are always better than an army. So a pool of coaches were hunted. From amongst the fitness, nutrition, running experts from all over India, a few were included in Fitso as personal coaches for our users. And thus we ended up with our section of Personal Coach.

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Fitso users have responded to this new feature in a miraculous way and we are doing better day after day. Here is what you should look for while hiring a Fitso expert:

Your personal trainer gives you:

Constant support

This is very much needed when you set out to learn something new. Maybe because we are outside our comfort zone or simply because we find the thing completely alien, we usually hesitate to take up new challenges. Having a coach or a trainer would definitely ease the transition from being a beginner to going to the next level.
Client training with female trianer

The proper techniques

It is easy to make mistakes and injure yourself, especially if you are a beginner. There are numerous techniques and patterns that you might not be aware of. Hence having a trainer with you would be a tremendous help.

Maximized results in minimal time

When you have a regimen that is tailored for you, you get the most out of the time you invested. With online trainers particularly, you eliminate the time you spend for commuting while at the same time working out at the convenience of your home.
So there is no excuse for you now! Go and get a Fitso Personal Coach

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