Surprisingly Easy Options to Make Yummy North Indian Food Part of Healthy Diet

North Indian food calorie calculation and review - what is healthy
The fact that ‘deshi khana’ is un-parallel and unmatched is pronounced immediately along the lips of every Indian, the moment their eyeballs hover down the North Indian column of the menu card. No matter how much ever swag the other areas of menu card boast of, nothing more supreme than North Indian cuisine fits your food fancies. That powerful is the rule of this cuisine over the others. North Indian cuisine, originating from the northern end of India, today is relished throughout the length and the breadth of India.

If you see ‘ghee’ gliding across the surface of your dishes, it unquestionably hints at the presence of North Indian cuisine. And where there spills ghee, there lurks the imminent dangers towards your health. How much ever delightfully one may savour on ‘Lachcha Paratha’ or ‘dala Makhani’, one can’t turn a blind eye to the unwanted calories they consume up.

Not that you should boycott this darling cuisine, albeit, you should know this cuisine inside out and fit in your diet accordingly. What after all is the harm in having a well-researched meal! Just a tad of know-how and your fitness is not being played with.

Choose wisely, Stay Healthy

North Indian food calorie calculation and review - what is healthy
Say no to ‘Paneer Butter Masala’

Needless to say, it’s when your body starts being fed with the calories more than it is need of, the fitness trouble shapes up. Wouldn’t it be a well-devised strategy to know the calories every food item account for and accordingly plan your eating regime for the day? You can then not miss out both on the taste and fitness. Especially, if you plan to have a sumptuous North Indian meal somewhere beyond the walls of your home, you really ought to be precautious and acknowledged.

Above anything, get your individual calorie requirement estimated on the basis of your height and weight, and appropriate your eating style thereafter.

Some dishes are clear ‘No’ for you

Let us first begin with the art of saying ‘No’. Yes, to refrain ourselves from the following whose astronomical calorie intake can definitely lead you to obesity.

  • Chicken Korma Curry – 240 Cal in a serving weighed 158g.
  • Naan Bread- 280 Cal
  • Paneer Butter Masala – 302 Cal in a serving of 150g.
  • Malai Kofta – 250 Cal in a serving of 150g.

Not everything is barred, say ‘Yes’ to these healthy options

Having barred your taste-buds from your favourite most dishes, some good news should be fed bang on now. Chill out! There are a few couple of dishes your fitness-bound-lips can say yes to.

  • Tandoori Chicken -162.1 Cal in a serving of 150 g.
  • Aloo Chhole – 160 Cal in a serving of 140 g.
  • Tandoori Roti – 116 Cal in a piece weighing 50 g.
  • Palak Paneer – 159 Cal in a standard serving of 150 g.
Tandori Chicken - North Indian food calorie calculation and review - what is healthy
Tandoori Chicken is healthy an option

Both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ list easily draws out the stark contrast between the calorie differences each dish from their respective lists has.

Make Some Smart Swaps

Above listed food items are too few to have got space here. The basic idea was to re-introduce you to the names and overly present calories in it. To stack the fully detailed calorie menu of North Indian cuisine is outside the permit of both your and our time, rather, let’s tactically throw some light on the guiding North-Indian fundamentals.

  • Try clubbing rich curries with plain rice than fried rice. You can subtract significant calories from your diet in this manner. As plain rice pumps up only 92 Cal per 150 g while fried rice, 275.6 Cal.
  • Always down-vote creamy curries and say ‘Hi’ to tomato-based curries. To cite an example, paneer butter masala amounts to 302 Cal/150 g, while Chilli Paneer, 253 Cal.
  • Opt for baked and steamed dishes like tandoori items. Fried items can cost both your pocket and fitness.

Once you are versed with the preparation of the dishes, you can chalk out your meal accordingly. Do not forget to feel full but also not to avoid butter-full curries. Have a temptation-free dining.