Nia Sharma Fitness Routine: Simple & Easy to Follow

From ranking no. 3 in UK’s top 50 Sexiest Asian women list to bagging a project with Vikram Bhatt produced web series, ‘Twisted’, this beautiful lady is someone to watch out for. All the telly soap ladies are well familiar with Jamai Raja fame actor, Nia Sharma. She rose to fame with her Zee TV show, Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai and then went on to do Jamai Raja, as the female lead. She is currently shooting for the Vikram Bhatt produced web series. This beautiful lady is not just known for her mettle in acting but also for her gorgeous body. Her Instagram profile sets the temperature soaring, every time she posts her picture! She is one of the few faces in the television industry who carries daring dresses with amazing grace.

Nia Sharma fitness

Looking at her you might think she is someone who does gymming regularly. But let me surprise you that this is surely not the case. The fit actor likes to be in shape and believes in jogging for good health, though she doesn’t exercise much. She asserts that control on diet alone can do wonders for your body. She prefers good eating habits over anything else when it comes to fitness. She confesses that she has not always been fit, she says:

“Just to preserve my slim body, I had stopped eating and literally kept myself starving. However, soon I realised that it’s not the right way, as it hampered my health, skin and hair”

To her, fitness means to eat in a controlled manner and taking natural and simple steps to stay fit. Let’s take a look at her three-point fitness mantra:


nia sharma fitness

Nia Sharma firmly believes in eating in moderation. She is not at all a foodie and confessed in an interview that she literally takes a lot of time in selecting what to opt for outside food contains lots of calories in it. For her diet, she prefers simple Ghar ka khana over other food as it is healthy and nutritious. She finds regular roti sabzi as boring so goes for rice, every now and then. Other than Indian, she likes eating Italian and continental food. Nia is a vegetarian but does take eggs sometimes for the required protein.


nia sharma fitness

Nia Sharma does not follow any gym regime or yoga. Jogging is what keeps Nia Sharma, energetic all through the day. Her svelte frame with those toned legs can inspire many to the path of fitness. Apart from jogging she is also a badminton fanatic and loves playing the sport to keep her fit. After all, sweating out in the gym is not the only option people have.


nia sharma fitness

Nia Sharma makes sure to keep herself away from all the junk food that tempts her.  Junk and oily food not only spoils our body but also causes acne breakouts, says Nia, as she has a sensitive skin too. Though she is a fan of Hakka noodles, she prefers eating Rajmah Chawal instead. According to her, “it is better to eat the blandest food on earth and stay in good physical shape than give-in to your taste buds.”

“As I don’t like sweating it out, the only effort I take is to keep myself away from all the dark chocolates and junk food in the world. As far as possible, I keep a distance from all the enticing food that is unhealthy.”

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“Just eat right and control your eating habits”

What a simple and easy to follow fitness routine is that! You too can follow Nia Sharma’s fitness mantras and see the difference for yourself.