Sirtfood diet

All you need to know about the SIRTFOOD DIET

Time and again, dieticians are asked by their clienteles for the best diets to lose weight. Is Diet A better than Diet B? Which one is quicker and is weight loss through fasting healthy? If yes, how long would my transformation last?

The answers may be difficult, but here is one diet that seems to be ticking most of the boxes – The Sirtfood Diet. Hailed as a product of nutrition genius, this diet relies on consuming “Sirtfoods” to lose weight rather than subscribing to gut wrenching fasts and dealing with their side effects.

What is Sirtfood Diet?


Sirtfoods are a group of recently discovered plant foods that encourage your body to burn fat. How? They contain a protein called “Sirtuins” that protect your cells from stress factors, improve your metabolism and promote fat burning. In other words, eating these foods would replicate the effects of exercising and fasting! That’s not all! The list of sirtfoods include red wine, chocolates, coffee and strawberries that is helping it gain a huge fan base!


List of Sirtfoods

Sirtfood diet is a diet of inclusion and not exclusion. It promotes the consumption of healthy foods that activate sirtuins and switch on the “skinny genes” present in your body. According to scientific studies, plants have high polyphenols (sirtuin containing chemicals) to defend themselves from external changes in the environment. These are found abundantly, especially in

  1. Coffee (Cocoa) and green tea
  2. Red Wine
  3. Walnuts
  4. Kale (close to cabbage and cauliflower in terms of nutritional benefits, but different in taste)
  5. Extra virgin olive oil
  6. Strawberries
  7. Dark Chocolates
  8. Indian Turmeric etc


Sirtfood list

How does it work?

The idea behind the Sirtfood diet is to include sirtfoods into your meals along with part-fasting and high nutrition. Aidan Goggins, author of ‘The Sirtfood Diet’ says – “Diet’ should be a way of life, not some ‘six weeks to a beach body’. The Sirtfoods diet is much more sustainable and long-term. Your body resets to the point that it should be. The real focus is on including sirtfoods into your daily meals.”

There are two phases of implementation-

Phase 1: It is a 7 Days phase. You start off the diet with a three day strict 1000 calories-per-day schedule. Each day you have only one meal-completely Sirtfood inclusive and 2-3 Sirtfood juices. The next 4 days, you can increase the calorie limit to 1500 and have two meals per day.

Phase 2: This phase lasts for 14 days where you can see a steady loss in weight. You can have 3 meals per day and at least one green juice.

After the second phase, there is no set diet to follow. The objective is to include as many sirtfoods as possible into your daily meals.

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Is this diet for you?

Sirtfood diet is not a diet in the traditional sense where you just restrict your calories. It also tries to incorporate those nutritional foods into your daily plan and burn fat while maintaining the muscles. It also has no space for processed sugars and junk food that we so often consume.

But on the other hand, the first 3 days would be really difficult to follow as a 1000 calorie diet per day is close to impossible for most of us. Even after taking those calories, you could still feel hungry. Also, in the next 14 days, people tend to over eat thereby potentially nullifying the benefits.

Secondly, if you dislike veggie juices, then you’ll have to search for alternatives. But, if there is one diet that is very flexible on what to eat, that would be the Sirtfood diet. Fruits and vegetables like avocados, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce etc contain sirtuin though in extremely small quantities.

And lastly, consult a dietitian before you jump into it.