namitha weight loss

Actress Namitha’s Weight Loss Journey and More

A quick introduction – Namitha is an Indian Film actress and the fourth runner up in Miss India pageant in the year 2001. She is Gujarati by birth but has been active mostly in the south Indian film industry. At 6’2″, she is also one of the tallest Indian movie actresses.

What made her to gain so much weight? – In 26th October 2010, there was an attempt by a fan to kidnap the actress. The incident sent shock waves across the film industry and among the general public. Her career also faced a downside when she gained excessive weight which she admitted was because of depression. It became a vicious cycle because she got even more depressed due to lack of work, which resulted in her eating more and putting on, even more, weight. She binged on ice creams, pizzas and rice as ‘comfort food’. At one point, she weighed 90  kilos.

However, today her weight gain is a thing of the past. She joined the Saakshi Wellness Program in Chennai and lost 20 kilos in a period of 3 months. She has become an ambassador for living a healthy life through Saakshi Wellness Program. She also works towards creating awareness about depression and how it must be treated through timely medical help.

Namitha’s Workout Schedule:

Namitha’s gym workout included weight lifting, pilates, push-ups, pectoral, and biceps exercises. She is also a trained boxer.

namitha weight loss

Namitha is currently following diet advice given by famous dietitian Rujuta Diwekar. Under Rujuta’s guidance, she has already lost 9 kilos. Rujuta is a proponent of Yoga, and therefore even Namitha has become a Yoga practitioner. In particular, Hatha Yoga and Bikram Yoga are useful to burn calories.

Namitha Weight Loss Diet Plan:

A strict dietary regimen and regular exercise is the secret of Namitha’s new slim and trim look. Rujuta’s diet plan focuses on a low-calorie but high nutrition plan for people who want to lose weight. She encourages people to eat everything but in moderation.

Some of the other features of Rujuta Diwakar’s diet plan include:

  1. Eating 6-7 small meals throughout the day instead of breakfast and only two large meals.
  2. Drinking 6-7 glasses of boiled water every day.
  3. Avoiding Junk food and cutting back on sugar and other processed food. Processed food contains a high amount of trans-fat which has been scientifically proved as the cause of serious diseases like cancer, heart ailment to name a few.
  4. Eating Smart. Eating larger amounts of low-calorie foods in your diet, than smaller amounts or medium amounts of high-calorie food.
  5. Including moderate amounts of healthy fat in our diet. For example, a small daily dose of ghee which contains Omega 3 and Omega 9 as well as vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  6. Including sources of complex carbohydrates in our diet like oats, brown rice, and dal as it provides energy and helps in boosting overall health and fitness levels. However, simple carbs like sodas, candy, and pastries must be avoided.
  7. Including sources of dietary food like milk and cheese. Milk contains enzymes which help boost the immune system and improves skin health.

Here is the diet plan designed by Rujuta Diwekar in most efficient way for Namitha weight loss:

  • Breakfast: Parathas, muesli, or idlis along with a glass of milk or fresh fruit juice
  • Mid-morning Snack: A veg sandwich made with brown bread or a protein shake
  • Lunch: Homemade dal, roti, sabzi along with soup and plenty of green salad
  • Early-evening Snack: Soy milk with nuts or fruit
  • Dinner: Dal, veggies, and curd with brown rice or roti and vegetable soup

Namitha describes her journey with Rujuta Diwakar as life-altering. Before she met Rujuta, she would try diets that would require her to eat only cabbage or a fruit for a week. The diets and increased activity on the treadmill would help her lose weight for some time only to regain it back.

Today, she eats everything but in moderation and abides by a holistic approach to weight loss. Namitha is thankful to Saakshi Wellness Program and Rujuta for helping her achieve her current figure. In particular, she calls Rujuta her ‘fairy godmother’ who taught her how to create a sustainable fitness plan, that suits the individual’s requirements and fitness levels.