Swimming in winters

Myths which needs to be busted about doing Swimming in Winters!

# Why is it beneficial to do swimming in winters?

Swimming is among the most recommended activity that doesn’t just help you stay in shape but also keep your peace of mind. The delightful feeling of floating on the water while investing labor through your core and the limbs gives you a beautiful high which keeps the swimmers coming back to the pool to do swimming in winters.

You must’ve seen people from all corners of the world stripping in the freezing cold months of December and January and risking their lives for doing swimming in winters of their life. 

Ever wonder what’s the mystery behind that? If it’s just a mad adventure whim or something that can turn things around for your health? Read on to find more about benefits of swimming in winters:  

Winter swimming is great for your immunity

swimming in winters

When you subject your body to a drastic change in the temperature, there’s a strong chance that your body may not accept it well. This is exactly why your body reacts negatively to sudden changes in the temperature.

But when you must’ve seen instances of semi-stripped or fully stripped people jumping right into a layer of ice and breaking into the numbing water everywhere.

Turns out, subjecting your body to this weather associated stress can really help you develop a stronger immune system.   

A recent study from Czech Republic revealed that subjects who immersed in icy-cold water for an hour, three times a week witnessed healthy development in their white blood cell count.

The researchers involved with the study concluded that cold water served as the mild stress-or that activated body’s immune system and gave it the necessary practice.  

# The rush of the endorphins

You must’ve heard of the runner’s rush, the ultimate surge of endorphins that takes over the body after you subject your body to fluid but balanced running movements. Swimming isn’t alike running but it gives you the same amount of positivity and pleasure that running does.

Taking a dip in the icy cold water is another way of getting a healthy rush endorphins. For those who don’t know, endorphins are a natural painkiller and stress reliever.

The sudden cold will trigger your body’s parasympathetic system along with the release of feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Both of these have an altering effect on depressive episodes and can help you counter negative feelings.

# It improves your blood circulation

Wonder why people spend hours sweating in the sauna? It helps people glow by enhancing blood circulation. Subjecting your body to the cold has a similar effect except that it sends the blood pumping back to your organs.

Research has indicated that exposure to cold can help improve blood circulation in the body. This is also another reason why winter swimming for people with bad skin is such a favorite. Winter swimming will keep your skin breathing fresh, glowing and healthy.

Swimming in winters is also great for your libido and burns calories at the same time. Many have a hard time believing that swimming in icy cold water helps burn calories but it’s great for your metabolism.  

# What measures should be taken while swimming in winters?

Cold water can really hurt if you don’t follow the necessary measures while swimming.

Experts recommend that you wear more caps and protect your head from the icy cold water. Moreover, ditch the latex caps and wear neoprene caps instead. While you are at it, get a pair of neoprene caps too and wear them.

You can keep your core temperature up by using ear plugs and  a professional or at least beginner level swimsuit.

The biggest favor you can do to your body is give it enough practice. Have a morning warm-up routine and get all the help you need before jumping in the icy cold water.

A lot of people may hold a different opinion regarding ice water swimming and some may even go on to say that wearing a swimsuit may even challenge the whole idea of winter swimming. But you don’t want to take the risk with your health especially if you are new to this.

# How you should be prepared to do swimming in winters?

You will have to master the art of cold water acclimatization to get your feet dipping and ready to take the plunge. It’s always good to keep your body active with healthy warm up exercises so ensure a physically active routine for you body on an everyday basis.

# Is it dangerous?

swimming in winters

Winter swimming can be terribly dangerous if you don’t follow the right protocol. Make sure that you wear the appropriate gear and keep practicing over a period of time to help your body grow used to the changes in weather and temperature.

Swimming in cold water will definitely put a strain on your body so ensure that you keep the remedies close to you and learn about the tricks that will help your body grow stronger.  

Ice-water swimming for children doesn’t come as heavily recommended as it comes for adults. However, if your children have been swimming for a long time now and can withstand the temperature, it’s best to start with small dips. A regular practice routine for your children is essential if you are keen on having them swim throughout the winter.

Getting them involved with the activity from such a young age will help them grow strong. They will be better able to develop their swimming movements and adjust their body to the plunging temperatures without compromising with their performance.

Winter swimming has been a famous solution for providing a spiritual experience too since it helps your body clean up the toxins and grow stronger emotionally and physically.

# Summing up!

Winter swimming has a host of benefits and can prove to be amazing if you follow the right tricks for making sure that you make the most out of it.

Wear the right clothes and get the right practice before you take your first plunge. It’s very important that you help your body grow familiar with the climate as it can cause you trouble later on. However, there’s no specific trick to getting better acclimatized with the climate other than how your body naturally reacts to it. So, making sure that your immunity levels remain depends on how well you treat your body.

It’s been said before that your body is a temple so it will reflect the positivity that you treat your body with. As far as swimming in icy cold water is concerned, experts have been in favor of it for a very long time.