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Mumbai Police Modified Diet Course To Cope Up Erratic Duty Hours

Getting alarmed by the poor fitness of the police and their bad eating habits puts the Mumbai Police to rethink about the police kitchens and make them to chalk-out a new diet programme for the strong police force. In this regard, The Mumbai Police has taken a drastic step that to give training to the cops’ wives on eating better or how to cook healthier foods for their husbands.

mumbai police dietFamous Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has designed new menus for them. She has suggested taking enough of fruits, veggies, corns and sprouts instead of taking fried, and spicy food. The nutritionist says that the city police inspectors are required to be in shape. The roads in Mumbai are busy right from the morning till night, hardly there is any place to stand, and humidity goes high up with the midday sun and the hoarders. Most of the cops work in twelve-hour shifts means the maximum time of the day. If they are not rushing to the site of some crisis, then also they are doing their duty either in humid courtroom or filing reports in their office which is equally humid.

Why should the new menus introduce?

Before introducing the new menu to the policemen, we should know what they say about their diet. All of them agreed that they have erratic working hours for which they are forced to eat outside or canteen food that is spicy and oily. Moreover, they do not have any routine of their eating. Therefore the nutritionist has drawn up a programme which will fit them according to their working hours and indirectly that food menu will help them to be more efficient.

mumbai police diet

The policemen can follow this new menu at their home also which have been implemented to their canteens. The policemen get encouraged to follow this instead of taking traditional Maharashtrian snacks such as vada pav, usual puri sabzi, missal; and other such items that will be banished.

The policemen are asked to carry fruits from home and green vegetables must be in their food menu on a regular basis. The police canteens are instructed to have foods like corn, sprouts, idli, poha and upma. These foods are light, but sumptuous, tasty also. The nutritionist is looking at a personalised diet which has not been removed from their cultural roots and that are ghee and sweets because many of them are in the habits of consuming these sweets and ghee. She has encouraged and persuades them to have jaggery, salads, foods rich in vitamins and fibres apart from fruits and vegetables.

Proper diet to combat stress

Stress plays a part in the lives of everyone. Police stress, however, refers to the negative pressures related to police work. Police officers are not superhuman. According to research, it shows that they are affected by their daily exposure to human indecency and pain; that dealing with a suspicious and sometimes hostile public takes its toll on them; and that the shift changes, the long periods of boredom and the ever-present danger that is part of police work do cause serious job stress.

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Depression, anxiety and stress can arise rather will arise at any time, no matter how healthy the diet is. Particularly to the policemen, proper diet can change their moods. Therefore, you must have come across policemen whose physiques have become the signs of abuse and very quickly they become the target of jokes or criticism of the people or society. They often become the target of mockery for their fatty physique. Thus, they can change this outlook of the people or social media by maintaining proper foods and fitness.

The excellent diets and proper workout programmes are the best solution for the policemen to keep them perfect. They should focus on the right meals that are loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals will help promote muscle growth, mental longevity, recovery, and muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Diet tips

  • Banana

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She says that they should start their days with eating bananas instead of taking tea. The banana has the quality to promote digestion and can increase metabolic system. The Banana has natural sugars with low glycemic index and banana keep them satiated for a longer time.

  • Wholesome meal

They should maintain a routine, though not possible every time but can have a wholesome meal between 4 pm and 6 pm. This could be gudtup-poli, chutney-poli or peanut or amaranth (rajgira) chikki. They should plan a snack in advance; can eat a nutrient-rich wholesome option. Jaggery is a great digestive aid and a good source of vitamins and minerals which prevent cramping. Besides, a snack at this time would prevent overeating at dinner and regulate blood sugar.

  • Liquid food

mumbai police diet

Tea and coffee, though stimulants, but dehydrate and wash out the good bacteria in the gut. They should reduce intake of tea. Instead, they can opt for sugarcane juice, coconut water or Kokum sherbet that will hydrate the body and uphold the diversity and integrity of gut bacteria which that is vital for digestion and metabolic health. This stabilises blood sugar and regulates blood pressure and bowel movements.


  • Vegetables & Fruits

mumbai police diet

Tomatoes: They can help with connective tissue strength and even help to improve vision.

Spinach: Packed with Vitamin K, which contributes to building stronger bones.

Cruciferous Vegetables: Packing your plate at the firehouse with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts will leave you feeling fuller longer in-between meals.

Avocados: Studies have shown that avocados can reduce cholesterol and even help you burn fat.

Citrus Fruits: Oranges and grapefruit are packed with vitamin C which will help you avoid sick days and keep your immune system in top shape to keep you performing at 100%.

Berries: Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and cranberries can keep your memory strong.

  • Starches, Whole Grains & Legumes

Starches and whole grains are the energy creators.

mumbai police diet

Sweet Potatoes and Yams: These act like the body storage tank for energy.

Quinoa: Quinoa is high in protein and riboflavin which is helpful to reduce the migraines especially in an emergency.

Amaranth: A great solution to having more fibre since it contains three times more than wheat.

 Beans: Small red beans, kidney beans, chickpeas and black beans are all loaded with magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium.

Lentils: Low in calories and perfect for reducing your chances of heart disease.

  • Drinks

mumbai police diet

Water: Water is very much required for the metabolic process. Therefore the policemen must carry sufficient water while they are at work, especially on hot days when their uniform and gear will cause them to lose more water requirement is normal.

Green Tea: A chemical in green tea called EGCG can help to lower their cortisol that is stress hormone and help to increase their immunity system after long shifts.

  • Exercise Tips

Food chart is not sufficient for them as they need some exercise tips also so that they can retain their body slim and trim like a perfect policeman.

First of all, for every thirty minutes of sitting, they should stand up for three minutes. Sitting is now recognised as an independent risk factor for all lifestyle diseases ranging from obesity to hormonal problems.

Secondly, they need to exercise for at least 150 minutes a week. Thirty minutes of this exercise should be dedicated to strength training as this is imperative for maintaining insulin sensitivity.

Thirdly, they should do ten squats during the day and should increase the number by two each week.

  • Sleep Related Tips

Before going to bed or sleeping, they must rub ghee or Kokum butter or coconut oil on their soles of feet. They should message it on the feet until their palm feels warm. This will help them to relax their nerves and will bring better sleep for them.

They should sleep in a quiet atmosphere and switch off all gadgets thirty minutes before bedtime. The light from electronic gadgets confuses the circadian rhythm of the body so when it is time to sleep, they feel alerted and when it is time to wake up, they cannot get up. It causes hormonal imbalances and when they wake up feeling extremely tired.

Before sleeping it would be better if they take a glass of milk with a little bit of turmeric and crushed cashews, can add a little bit of sugar. Cashews are the richest source of minerals that helps to release the muscle cramps also helps the body to feel calm and relaxed.

These are the tips for Mumbai police diet and tips for their exercise which can keep them hale and hearty.