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Motilal Dayma: Aiming For World Bodybuilding Championship

If you are looking for real life heroes, you really don’t have to go too far. And for the city of Indore in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, there is Motilal Dayma. A constable in the Indore Police Force, Motilal Dayma wears many crowns apart from his uniform. What crowns, you ask? Well, not the kind that kings wear but no less either. Motilal Dayma is a champion bodybuilder and winner of Mr Indore title for the last several years. His aim – Gold Medal for India in the World Championships and put the country in the map for bodybuilding.

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Motilal Dayma has not had it easy. Coming from a humble background, it is almost impossible for him to meet his dietary requirements on his salary from the police department. He finds immense support from his family who have sold their gold and land to help him achieve his dream of becoming a champion bodybuilder.

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The 25-year old police constable was once a lanky teenager who had no idea of what bodybuilding was. Instead, he wanted to join the Indian Army. But he fell short of the required physical measurements to be considered as a potential candidate in the army. And that’s when he stepped into the gym to gain the few inches he lacked.

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However, the gym opened a new world for him. He was introduced to bodybuilding and that changed the course of his life. He understood that there is more than one way to serve the country and he could join the police force and strive to bring a gold for India through bodybuilding at the same time.

Motilal Dayma Diet

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For his bodybuilding training, he has to maintain a strict diet and workout schedule. He consumes 20 eggs, 3 kilos of chicken and 2 litres of milk every day and about 8 kilos of fruits in a week. This diet is not enough to gain muscle mass and therefore he supplements it with protein shakes, pre and post workout multivitamins, glutamine, creatine, carnitine, TLA, etc.

Motilal Dayma Workout

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His workout routine is extremely strenuous and he usually works after his duty hours in the evenings from 4 pm to 10 pm. Every day he concentrates on a group of muscles and does leg extensions, lunges, barbells, leg curls, standing and seated calf training for legs. For his chest muscles, he includes incline and decline bench presses, table cross, pull-ups, Pick-Dig-Fly- and cardio in his exercise regime. The routine for his biceps and triceps includes barbells with a focus of 70:30 ratio.

His journey is anything but started. This Arnold Schwarzenegger of Indore has to gain a few more kilos to become 130 kg from his 88 kgs to be able to compete in the international podium. Those who know what it takes to be a bodybuilder understand that this is no mean feat.

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From his health to financial matters, Motilal Dayma has several challenges to win over before he can set forth to achieve his dreams of becoming a World Champion. He spends close to 50,000 INR on his diet every month which is way beyond what he and his family makes in a month. He has serious spine issues that can cause paralysis if he is not careful.

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But none of these factors slow Motilal Dayma down. As strong as he looks on the outside, he is made of steel in the inside. He has a determination in his young eyes that make us want to cheer him on in his quest for the elusive Gold for India. We as a nation salute this hero of ours and wish him the very best for his difficult journey ahead.

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