moong dal benefits

12 Amazing Benefits of Moong Dal for Your Health

Moong or Green Gram dominates several Indian recipes owing to its immense healthy Moong dal benefits and nutritional value. This pulse is protein rich and surprisingly low on carbs making it an ideal ingredient choice. Besides all this, moong beans are also rich in fibre giving you an edge over weight gain. The wholesome food ingredient keeps you satiated and reduces calorie intake. The yellow moong dal is also a common ingredient at the food table but it doesn’t quite contain the same fibre amount as does the whole green moong.

So, if you are looking to lose weight, Moong dal benefits should be known for better eating habits.

  • Regulates Metabolism

moong dal benefits

Moong dal is a great food substitute for those who suffer from indigestion and acidity. The high fibre content in moong dal tends to speed up the metabolism of the body and the digestive process too.

  • Cholesterol control

moong dal benefits

LDL or bad cholesterol oxidation can be greatly reduced by the intake of moong dal. The high level of antioxidants present in moong beans facilitates the regulation of cholesterol levels in your body. These antioxidants go about reversing and rectifying damaged blood vessels and stopping inflammation. LDL also tends to accumulate within the endothelium and block the flow of blood thereby triggering cardiac arrest. Moong dal turns this around by keeping arteries clear and by improving blood circulation.

  • Blood Pressure Check

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Several studies have proven that moong dal possesses the ability to lower blood pressure levels in the body. The dal seems to be rich in peptides. These protein fragments give rise to its anti-hypertensive effect which decreases the blockage of blood vessels that give rise to high blood pressure.

  • Anti-Cancer Properties

moong dal benefits

Yes, adding to all the diseases that moong dal helps prevent, cancer is on the same list too! The oligosaccharides and polyphenols that are present in the amino fluids which the moong dal is vastly rich in are antioxidant in nature. This is the main reason behind the moong dal’s ability to fight the growth of cancer. Many studies have proven that moong dal inhibits genetic mutation and DNA alteration. The free radical scavenging abilities of moong stem from its rich content of flavonoids namely vitexin and isovitexin. This, in turn, hinder oxidative stress which shapes into cancer.

  • Diabetes Controller

moong dal benefits

Moong dal seems to be the medicine for every disease out there. Added to the list of health problems the moong dal dissipates is Diabetes Type 2. It is one of the most natural ways to treat Diabetes Type 2. Several studies on rats in 2008 showed a significant decrease in blood glucose, glucagon, total cholesterol, plasma C-peptide and triglyceride levels upon feeding them with moong dal. Additionally improved tolerance of glucose and insulin was also observed.

  • Immunity Hike

moong dal benefits

Are you suffering from the common cold every other day? Up for an immunity boost? Moong dal benefits for such problems by providing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the wide range of phytonutrients. It maintains a desirable balance of bacteria in the digestive tract which helps with the absorption of nutrients.

  • Protein Rich

moong dal benefits

There are very few dishes out there that contain massive amounts of protein and no fat. The dal is highly rich in amino acids giving it the protein rich factor. The protein content is absorbable making it a great addition to a high protein diet.

  • Weight Loss

moong dal benefits

Exceedingly rich in fibre and protein, moong beans provide a filling sensation and satiate hunger. Studies have established that Moong has a double fold effect on the hormone cholecystokinin, which is responsible for hunger stimulation. So if you are looking to lose weight, cook some of these beans up and you will be good to go.

  • Vitamin and Mineral Boost

moong dal benefits

Moong beans seem to be covering the entire diet plan with their rich nutrient content. Next on the list of Moong dal benefits is vitamins and minerals. One cup of moong beans provides a hundred present count for your daily vitamin B9 needs. This being essential for tissue growth, hormonal balance and reproductive health make it a necessary food supplement. Additionally, intake of moong beans during pregnancy could help with the healthy growth of the baby. Moong beans also possess a good amount of magnesium which is essential for digestive and cardiovascular health, especially in women. The Moong is also known to be a stress and pain reliever.

  • PMS Problem Control

moong dal benefits

The high content of vitamins B9 and B6 in moong dal can inhibit PMS symptoms by controlling hormonal fluctuations. Also, these vitamins along with the magnesium content of the bean are useful in reducing the intensity of muscle pain associated with PMS, along with headaches and mood swings.

  • Anti-Ageing Benefits

moong dal benefits

Moong beans are known to be rich in copper, which tends to be an anti-aging agent. It reduces the presence of wrinkles, dark spots and age lines which could make you look younger by up to ten years.

  • Bone Strength

moong dal benefits

Moong beans are also rich in calcium which gives you another reason to add them to your diet. It builds bone health and increases immunity in that area.