Mixing Cucumber and Tomatoes in a salad Could be Dangerous

Are you salad fan? Even if you aren’t, you must be aware of the health benefits of the salad. A healthy salad diet is incredibly useful for the weight loss.

So, what’re your criteria of preparing salad?

If the taste is the only criteria then you need to reconsider your choices. There are a lot of factors that play a role while mixing two items. One of the most important factors is – digestion time of the ingredients.

While cucumber and tomatoes are delicious and have enormous health benefits when taken separately, when combined, they cause complications due to different digestion time.

What happens when you mix two ingredients with different digestion time?

The ingredient with faster digestion time will end up passing in the intestine. This will lead to fermentation of food in the stomach, leading to acidity, swelling, bloating etc.

Similarly, eating fruit after the meal should be avoided.

So, next time you are served cucumber and tomato salad, just politely say – No thanks, I am full 🙂