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Weight-loss success story: Mitul lost 4.5 kg in a month

Mitul had everything he ever wanted. A cushy job as a relationship manager at a swanky bank, a beautiful wife, a nice home and friends. Amidst his busy life though, he felt as though he was missing out on something important. What was it?

Health takes a Backseat

It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of life where work becomes a priority and everything else takes a backseat. Including health. It did not take him long to realize that he needed to do something about his fitness. He was merely 28 and if he didn’t do anything now, it wouldn’t be long before health issues would come crawling in through the door.

How did Fitso come into the picture?

Once Mitul made up his mind, he knew what to do. He went on a diet and exercised regularly. He lost weight. And before long, he gained it back again. This had happened to him before and he was tired of being the Yo-Yo of weight loss and gain. That’s when he decided to go with the professionals to help him with his problem. He chanced upon Fitso through a promotional activity and just knew that he had come to the right place.

The Transformation

Fitso changed everything, he says. It has only been a month since he enrolled in their fitness and nutrition program and the results are tangible, or visible. He lost nearly 4.5 kilos in a month and feels better than ever. What’s more, it’s more fun than work for him. His fitness coach Vivek Pandey is very supportive and so is his dietician Meenakshi Anupam. This time, he is confident that not only can he keep those kilos off, but he plans to lose more kilos as his training progresses.

How did Fitso change his life?

In a good way, he says. An ardent fan of junk foods, Meenakshi charted a way out of unhealthy food for him. Now he has more fibre, fruits, salads, nuts and proteins in his diet and as he eats healthier foods, he feels healthier too.

He trains regularly and tries to make it 6 days a week. It consists of running, jogging, brisk walks and times his runs with the Fitso App. At times, it’s not possible to keep the running dates in the mornings. His tours don’t allow him to stick to his regimen as hard as he would have liked. However, he finds great support from Fitso team who don’t force him but keep him motivated nevertheless. Fitness should not a short term goal rather it should be an integral part of life. And for that, guidance and professional help is important.

Does he have any advice for others?

He is extremely happy now that he has changed to this phase of his life. Making time for fitness is as important as other things you do and maybe even more. Set some targets for yourself because when you have a mission in sight, you are more likely to work towards it. It’s important to not overwork yourself and since there are other commitments that take up time, it is necessary to find the right balance. Fitness is an ongoing process like everything else.