milind soman ironman

Ironman Milind Soman And the Secrets Behind His Fitness

Milind Soman Ironman, the man whom we drooled over the 90s and still do so, reveals his fitness mantra. The ‘Made in India’ man had been raging on the news, charts after earning himself the title of the most difficult triathlon contested at Zurich in the year 2015. He completed the race in approximately 15 hours. In addition, he also turned heads when he commenced a marathon of 570 km in July 2016 from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

milind soman ironman

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Now this is what we know Milind Soman for. A man with such fitness, what does he do to keep in shape? Here are some tips shared by the hot bod:

Barefoot Running is the key

As a nationally acclaimed swimmer, Milind Soman has been always fascinated towards running. Pictures in the social media featuring the barefoot running Milind Soman is the talk of the country in the recent times. According to the great personality, there are two basic factors which intrigue him to hit the road running every time he thinks of fitness. So, what are the two factors? Let us check out:

  1. Running apart from walking is a sure shot and the most convenient way of keeping fit
  2. Even when a child, the person wished to run a marathon

milind soman ironman

Milind Soman has some tips stated below for all the people out there who have not yet started running or are planning to give it a try:

  • Beginners should make barefoot running a habit. Barefoot running is the safest way to train your body towards fitness. Wearing shoes while running will help you run faster, but it only does harm to your body.
  • If you are middle-aged, your muscles stand a chance of getting deteriorated from the time you were 20. Therefore, you will have to give time to your muscles, for say at least one to two years to get into that shape. This requires regular training, but not intensely.
  • Along with jogging or running, you should also include other exercises as well. Planks, leg raises and others which focus on your core.
  • Look what you eat. Avoid junk food, artificial sweeteners and refined food grains or sugar.

Milind Soman Ironman Diet Plan

You would be surprised to find out that the man with such fitness level eats two masala dosas as his breakfast. However, he takes a simple Maharashtrian lunch comprising of dal, roti, veggies and curd. As for the dinner, he takes it at least 1 hour before he goes to bed.

It is not that Captain Vyom Milind Soman does not indulge in a little dietary sin now and then. He does have some sweets and desserts, but that has to be under strict restriction.

milind soman ironman

The world craves about the diet and fitness regime of Milind Soman Ironman. It is true that none can reach that height of fitness without the dedication and love towards workouts. Therefore, if you are looking forward to such a body, you should abide by the regime and diet plan followed by Milind Soman.