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Mediterranean Diet: A Beginner’s Guide

Diet in simple words is the way of healthy life span, but it works only when you stick to them indefinably which is near impossible in these days. Every morning, you promise to follow the diet rigorously but at the end of the day, it all goes in vain. But not to worry anymore as we drag your attention to the world’s healthiest Mediterranean Diet, which takes all your worries and gives you a surprisingly healthy lifestyle.

‘Mediterranean Diet’ originated in the countries like France, Spain, Italy, Greece including the North and African countries but now it’s becoming popular around the globe. This diet mainly emphasizes on consumption of plant-based food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts instead of any non-veg food. Herbs and Spices are used in the diet to savor the food. The Mayo clinic professional has declared Mediterranean Diet as one of the best heart-healthy diets.

Let’s talk one by one about the healthy elements of the Mediterranean diet which will take your health to the next level.


1- Replace butter with Olive Oil & Canola Oil


Mediterranean diet takes away butter from your dining table and gives place to healthy mono-unsaturated fats such as olive and canola oil. These oils are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acid. Use of olive oil in your cooking not only give you a healthy heart but also a healthy brain and skin. You can incorporate this “liquid gold” in many ways in your day to day life by using in your salad dressing, or high-quality virgin oil seasoned with balsamic vinegar for dipping bread, which is a healthy and delicious alternative rather than butter.


2-  Switch to a healthy  Protein 


Red meat is no longer a healthier choice in Mediterranean diet rather the diet uses protein from the skinless chicken, fish, beans, pulses, nuts and whole grain. Salmon and tuna are the best choices of fish as it contains a higher percentage of omega fatty acid. But if you are a red meat lover then a small portion of red meat is allowed in the diet just for flavoring the dish.


3- Go for Veggies all the day

The colorful vegetables are the main element of Mediterranean diet. The main aim of this diet is to load your day with ample of veggies with low-fat and textures, which gives you a different range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant. Approx 3-8 serving of vegetable per day is required in your daily meal in which spinach, carrot, broccoli and other big green vegetable are on the top list.  High-fat contains lots of fiber which keep your bellu full all the day and helps in shedding of extra weight.

4- “Whole” grain foods are the primary focus

While picking up the item for your grocery basket you should always prefer the items which are in “real” or whole form as unprocessed and refined food are not the part of the Mediterranean diet.  Barley, Oats, and Quinoa, whole wheat bread, pasta are the best choice as it contains a high amount of fiber which gives you a relief from all your digestive trouble by maintaining your blood circulation and sugar level.  In this diet half -half portion of both whole grain and refined food are allowed to keep you away from boredom.


5- Say No to Sugary stuff


The Meditarrian diet says a BIG No to sugary items such as soda, table sugar, cake, ice cream, cookies and any packed juice which contains lots of sugar. Resulting in elevated glucose level,  increased weight and raised blood pressure.


6- Nuts the is the best snack to munch on

Instead on munching on chips, cookies and other processed & unhealthy snacks start your day with a handful of almonds and snack on walnut, pistachio, hazelnut and sunflower seeds which are a powerhouse of all the healthy nutrients, healthy fat, and fiber. If you have a fear of putting on weight then pistachio is the best nut for you because it contains a lower amount of fat and calories.


8- Fruit is the right choice for dessert

Fresh fruit is a healthy way to satisfy your craving of the sweet tooth because fruits are the good sources of vitamin C, dietary fiber, and antioxidant which reduces the risk of heart disease, regulates your glucose level and keep you fit. You can drizzle some honey and sprinkle some brown sugar on your choice of fruit and make the delicious combination for your taste buds. Try different-different fruits every week to gain the all essential nutrients.


9- Drinking in moderate amount is good


A good news for wine lovers, moderate consumption of red wine does not only help in enjoy the pleasure of life but also reduce the risk of heart stroke. One glass of wine per day, thin your blood which prevents clotting, and antioxidant present in wine helps in raise good HDL cholesterol. If you are alcoholic then drinking a purple grape juice is also a healthy option of wine. Other drinks like coffee and tea are also acceptable but in a small amount.


10- A Lower amount of dairy is allowed


The world’s healthiest diet discourages the use of the high-fat dairy product from their food lists such as cheese, ice cream, yogurt, whole milk. Instead, you may have some delicious and yummy option such as skim milk, low-fat cheese and different flavor of fat-free yogurt, which gives you a healthy heart life.


11- Enjoy savor of food with family

food-with- family

Are you gobbling your meal in front of tv then beware! as this habit slowly damage your health life, instead you can give your family a healthy company for your food which alarms you to know the signal of hunger and fullness. Research proved that eating and cooking together not only good for your physical health but also works wonder for your emotion and mental health as well!.


12- Mediterranean Diet also improves sperm quality

Now, this is not the over of this healthy talk, one of the studies also proved that eating like Mediterraneans help in improving the sperm quality.

Research has done at the Universitat Rovira I Virgili and the Pere I Virgili Health Research Institute in Spain on the sperm quality in males with their food habits. The study reveals that relationship of men with their food effect their reproduction rate.

Men who are taking more plant-based diet like fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, fish, poultry, cereals,  low-fat dairy and skimmed milk has a good and healthy sperm count.

On the other hand, diets which are rich in red meat, full-fat dairy product, cheese, coffee, tea, alcohol, sugary stuff, refined and processed food, trans fat has lower quality sperm and has an adverse effect on fertilization rate and a chance of becoming parents.

At the end, we will suggest you instead of on googling on several websites, try this healthy and delicious Mediterranean diet which will never let you down!

!!Stay Healthy and Stay Fit!!