Meals for Cycling Workout

Best Meals for Cycling Workout Sessions

Being a Cyclist, if you do not eat well during and after rides, the effects ranging from loss of energy to loss of concentration are inevitable, leading to mistakes and sometimes injury during the race. Many cyclists struggle with knowing how much to eat. Should you give in to the constant cravings, or stick with three square meals per day? Here we’ll tell you about Best Meals for Cycling Workout Sessions, how to get your food intake right, enough to support training without picking up excess weight.

Meals for cycling workout? Worry not, we’re here!

In addition to the carbs in case of cycling, it is to be understood that the basic guidelines remain the same with most of the workouts, which include filling up your body with carbs before the workout session to keep your body full of energy and alert during your workout, and consuming protein rich diets or shakes after the exercise to ensure a faster muscle recovery.

1. Couple of hours before the ride

Nutrition for Cyclists
Plan a meal two-three hours before the start of a training session.

What to eat: Low-mid GI (glycemic index) foods, which include Porridge, Muesli, Scrambled Eggs or Whole Wheat Pasta.

2. 15 to 30 minutes before the ride

Nutrition for Cyclists
For long rides it’s imperative that you start fully fuelled. Plan to take carbs just 15-30 minutes before the ride.

What to eat: A big size Banana, because they are all carbohydrates and a good source of Potassium which you lose in sweat during exercise.

3. During the ride

Nutrition for Cyclists
On long bike rides, aim for 60g of carbohydrate per hour. This is about starting the recovery process on the bike. Two or three energy gels will be the equivalent of 60g of carbohydrates, depending on their size.

What to eat: High GI tonic energy drinks or energy gels. In addition, dried fruit such as raisins can also be consumed.

4. Right after the ride

Nutrition for CyclistsEat 10-20g of protein and 20-50g of carbohydrate as soon as possible after training. This is the most effective and important nutrition process you need to follow. This will maximize recovery, refuel the body and ultimately support the adaptation process.

What to eat: Skimmed milk for the protein for muscle recovery. Additionally, flavored chocolate milk is also good to fulfill carbs and protein limitations.

5. 2-3 hours after the ride

Nutrition for Cyclists
Here’s some suggestion. You should listen to your body – it’s a clever thing. If you’re hungry, there’s probably a reason.

Meals for Cycling Workout