McDonald’s Food Review: How to Eat Right by Making Healthy Choices?


If you just re-read the title, you must be wondering, “is it possible to maintain your fitness diet and still eat out at McDonald’s?” The answer is yes! In today’s time strapped generation, eating healthy and eating quickly go hand in hand. The amount of fast food restaurants that have sprung up in the last decade are proof of this eating trend. At the same time, the current generation is also very conscious about what they put in their mouth. Almost every other person is on some sort of fitness diet or travel diet. The conundrum is what are you supposed to eat if your family insists on fast food? During a vacation, what are your healthy eating options when all you have available are fast food restaurants? Do you have to forego your travel diet or fitness diet? Not at all. McDonalds India has many wholesome and delicious menu items that will help you stick to your diet.

The following are just a few tempting menu options for the health conscious customer:

Burgers that will NOT bust your waist line!

McDonalds India is famous for offering some of the juiciest burgers on the planet. There are many options for vegetarians and non-vegetarian diners. The best burgers in McDonalds India that deliver on both health and taste are the McAloo Tikki and Chicken McGrill.

McAloo Tikki

6982211777_ea7e7fe97d_oThis tasty combination of peas and potato was specially designed for the Indian palette. It is coated in spicy bread crumbs and served with fresh tomatoes, onions, tomato mayonnaise on a regular bun. One McAloo Tikki is a serving size of 146g. This mouth-watering burger has a total fat percentage of 9.5% or 0.095g and is one of the healthiest choices you can make while dining at McDonalds India.

Chicken McGrill


This grilled delight has been ranked as a favourite with non-vegetarians for many years. It is a perfect balance of textures and flavours. In a serving size of 130g, you get a perfectly grilled chicken mince patty served with fresh tomatoes and onions, topped with mint sauce. This healthy burger has a total fat composition of 11g or 8.4%. It is no wonder that the Chicken McGrill is ranked as one of the best burgers in McDonalds India.

The following items are best avoided:

Foods that WILL bust your fitness diet!

The following McDonalds India menu options should be avoided if you want to stick to your fitness diet:

McSpicy Paneer

Image result for mcspicy paneer

In a serving size of 198g, this sinful temptation contains 23% fat or 46g. It is a paneer patty coated in batter and deep fried. The burger is topped with tandoori mayonnaise. Although deliriously delicious, your waistline will definitely suffer. Stay away!

Chicken Maharaja Mac

The sheer serving size of this giant burger, 310g, is designed to make you feel like a maharaja or maharani. Your belly will sing with glee as you bite down on this flavorsome burger, but your heart and waistline will surely cry out for help. The Chicken Maharaja Mac, although filled with vegetables like onions, lettuce, jalapenos and tomatoes, has a fat percentage of 18% or 38g. The cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and double serving of buns are responsible for this high fat percentage. Unless you’re planning on sharing this burger with your partner, this is an unfit menu item for the health conscious diner.

Other Sinful Menu Delights to Avoid

Spicy Paneer Wrap


The size and flavour combination of this spicy paneer wrap is a hard temptation to resist, but its high fat percentage, 18% or 52g will definitely deter diners who are on a travel diet. The creamy sauce, oozing cheese and deep fried, crunchy batter jack up the calories and fat content.

Veg Pizza McPuff


This convenient, snack sized pizza pocket is every bit savory as it is sinful. Available in a serving size of 87g, this tiny treat is 15% percent fat. The deep friend crust and gooey mozzarella help to hike up the calories.

The Bottom Line

You can reduce much of the fat content in many of the food items listed above by skipping the mayonnaise, cheese , fries and soft drinks! Opting for grilled items is one of the best ways to maintain your travel diet or fitness diet.

If you’re experiencing the urge to bite into a burger but still want to eat right, choose McDonalds.