Fitso – Going Strength to Strength

Dear Member,

Hope you are doing better than ever.

We are happy to inform you that we have upgraded your existing plan from Fitso SEALs to Fitso Masterkey. Masterkey is your launchpad to restart your sports & fitness journey that gives you unlimited access to every Fitso center in your city across sports including swimming. To access your Masterkey, please login on the Fitso app (download link: using your existing credentials and experience the future of sports.

Understanding that there would be some top of the mind queries, we will help you clarify the most pertinent ones below:

What will happen to my existing plan?

Your existing plan has been upgraded to a Masterkey plan with your entire remaining balance duration intact. Masterkey is our flagship plan that provides unrestricted access to all Fitso sports facilities in your city.

Where do I find my subscription details in the new Fitso app?

Your subscription details can be found via the profile section (bottom right corner) in the Manage Subscription option.

What about swimming? When will it start?

In accordance with the latest govt guidelines, Fitso has resumed swimming operations across all locations in a phase-wise manner. We started off with Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and very soon will move to other locations.

Does this upgrade mean that my plan will automatically start once the upgrade happens?

No, you can restart your plan when you wish to. Your plan’s balance days will remain intact as per your original plan. You have been given an additional 31 days of freeze so that you are able to pause your plan in case you are not comfortable starting ASAP.

What will happen to the Fitso SEALs app?

The Fitso SEALs app will not be operational and will be removed from the Playstore & Appstore. Hence we advise you to login into the new Fitso app ASAP.

In case of any other queries, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team at


Team Fitso