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Mandira Bedi: “Train Like a Beast and Look Like a Beauty”

The sassy bodyline of this 44-year-old woman will leave most of the girls in twenty green with envy. I do not even feel the need of naming this extremely popular face. Come on! Who on the earth wouldn’t be known to Mandira Bedi? Don’t you remember Preeti from ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’? Don’t you remember the woman hosting ICC Cricket World Cups in your head? This gorgeous lady is simply adorable and her gorgeousness is not innate but self-produced. Yes, she bends over backwards to make sure her body is as selectively fit as she aims for. And let me tell you right away that she is also too busy to evade her work-out regimen but she chooses not.

A fashion designer, a hostess, a model, a television presenter and most importantly, a mother, so many roles this lady got to juggle with and yet always on toes to workout. Girls, trust me, her Instagram posts can put your unfit body to shame. Well, if shame inspires you to hunger for a fit body, then go tap ‘follow’ icon and follow her ASAP. Her refined svelte bodyline can really motivate you to do away with your unhealthy lifestyle.

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Mandira says that exercise is her stress buster and nothing is as sorting as a 10 km run for her. And her zeal for fitness has perhaps earned her six pack abs and a flat belly to drive onlookers crazy. Her age never scared her, rather spurred her to look young against her age. Like any fitness buff, she too emphasises on being picky about what goes on your plate and a strict workout routine.

She sticks to a mantra ‘Train like a beast and look like a beauty’. This mantra has actually kept her tied to a stern workout routine. Won’t you love to implement such mantra if the result is someone as fit as Mandira?

It’s good to take all those layers off.. 😎 #goa #ashwem #morjim #beach #sun #sea #sand

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Get ready for an ‘ouch’ moment. For the next photograph would certainly leave you gaping at her up and down. Yes, that is the fitness heat in her black attire coming next.

#bestof2016 #top5 Tried my best to be a #bitfit ! #nofilter

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Aha! Her hot posture can in fact put down the sun for being not so hot. Every bit of her skin exudes hotness.

Just being a little bit #gangsta at #Pattaya Totally loving the #sun #sea #sand ☀️️❤️️

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And point me one flaw in this flawless beauty.If this doesn’t motivate you to gear up and hit the gym, nothing under the sky would.

#selfindulgent #aboutlastnight #nofilter

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If for a moment I am asked to not believe in the science of ageing, Mandira’s glimpse would promptly make me do so. Magnificent beauty she is.

#longerhair #stronger My #mondaymotivation 👊🏼 #bitfit #gettingthere 😘 Photograph: @jitusavlani

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As she quoted, her smile is really worth the posture she carries. Who cares for the pain if the end product is such sizzling figure!

Jeez! She looks classy. You just can’t take your eyes off this black beauty. Doesn’t it feel so right to say that there is no beauty as beautiful as fitness?

#SuitUp .. because today is going to be #Legendary !!! Makeup by @im__sal Photo by @gaudsatya

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You simply can’t anymore say no to the gym if this is someone you end up in. Would you? All it takes to be her is determination and passion for being fit.

Trying to be a #bitfit and that’s why I love #Monday 😊❤️ #mondaymotivation

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To put it short and crisp, start affirming to be Mandira Bedi. Speak it out loud-My goal is Mandira Bedi.

She is a travel junkie too and her fitness is perhaps the reason that keeps her going all across the world. Anyone who thirsts for travelling, please start following her. For fitness is one of the important travel-wares a traveller is in constant need of.

It is Mandira’s fit body that has added more sheen to her gown.

The quote on her post says it all.

#saturday #sass 😘

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What other than the above six pack abs of Mandira can be more encouraging and inspiring for you? She is an epitome of fitness and if not her, then nobody and nothing can make you do anything for your body.