Malaika Arora Khan’s Diet That Keeps Her In Shape

Have you ever looked at a Bollywood star and thought to yourself “Oh how I wish I had a body like them”? They sport such bodies that everybody is jealous of. Our celebrities work very hard to get the body that people envy so much. This means sticking to a lot of difficult schedules. So, if you want to grow a body like them, you must definitely wake up to a meticulous regime like theirs. Malaika Arora Khan is one such celebrity who makes our jaws drop wide in awe with the pictures and videos she posts on her social media accounts that are a testimony to the hard work that she puts in. If you want to get that close-to-perfect body or her small but attractive frame, it takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of hard work does not just mean working out. It is also the pattern of Malaika Arora Khan diet that keeps her in the best shape.

malaika arora khan diet workout

Though most people will give credit to Malaika Arora Khan’s genes for her perfect body, it is an undeniable fact that her hourglass figure is the result of her dedication and hard work. She follows a balanced and never eats more than what is required. She follows a meal plan with foods that are multi-nutrients rich.

Here is what Malaika Arora Khan diet plan is like:

  • Malaika Arora Khan starts her day with a glass of warm water mixed with lemon and some honey. She then drinks a litre of water which helps in flushing out impurities. Drinking honey and lemon water mixture every morning on an empty stomach is an excellent method to boost metabolism. This helps in weight loss.

malaika arora khan diet

  • For breakfast, she eats a bowl of fresh fruits, a multigrain toast with egg whites followed by poha or porridge or idli or upma. This is a power-packed breakfast. Breakfast is a quintessential meal. It not only provides us with energy but is also a good source of important nutrients such as iron, B vitamin, calcium, iron, proteins and fibre. A study shows that if these nutrients are missed at breakfast, it is unlikely that you can compensate in the other meals of the day.
  • She makes the breakfast-to-lunch-gap game all the more exciting with a mid-day snack. She has amla juice mixed with amla juice, along with two toasts of brown bread and egg whites. Snacking helps you to fit extra nutrients effectively without overeating for the meal. If your hunger pangs hit you a few hours before lunch or dinner, do not wait till the meal time. Instead, snack on tidbits of healthy food.

malaika arora khan diet

  • For lunch, she has two chapattis and rice along with seasonal veggies and chicken. She also includes sprouts salad. If you do not have health related issues and want to try a good diverse diet, eat chapati and rice whenever you like. However, if you are trying to shed some pounds, avoid having them especially for dinner.
  • In the evenings, if she is on shoots, she has poha or idli, or peanut butter sandwich when at home. All of us know the goodness of poha and idli, you must be wondering “Peanut butter? Oh god why?” Peanut butter is very rich in nutrients such as potassium and proteins. This lowers the risk of heart blockage, high blood pressure and other related heart diseases. It also improves the health of your bowels.

malaika arora khan diet

  • She has steamed veggies, salad and a bowl of hot soup for dinner. Heavy dinner can result in weight gain. Also, if you have high calorific food for dinner, you would not get enough rest. Low-calorie diet does not overload your system saving you from various ailments.
  • She takes a protein shake with a banana after her workout. The inclusion of a good amount of protein in the post workout meal is essential. It helps in rebuilding the proper structural of the muscle.
  • She eats fresh and seasonal fruits along with a smattering of nuts when she feels hungry post dinner. Fruits and nuts are natural sources of minerals, vitamins and a lot of other nutrients. They are not only tasty but also aid in weight loss.

malaika arora khan gym workout

What is Malaika Arora Khan workout schedule like?

Beyond a shadow of doubt, a perfect diet plan works the best when coupled with a proper workout. Though Malaika Arora Khan doesn’t find the time to hit the gym, she trains at least thrice a week to keep those covetable curves in shape. Malaika Arora Khan’s workout regime is as follows-

malaika arora khan workout hot

  • Cardio exercises for 20 minutes to improve the metabolism
  • Kickboxing to tone the muscles and super yoga for super flexible physique.
  • Hip-hop and aerobics to work on different parts of body
  • Swim or a jog when the schedule gets monotonous
  • Dance (Bharatanatyam, Russian and Jazz ballets)

malaika arora khan yoga

What can we learn from Malaika Arora Khan’s diet plan?

The best part of Malaika Arora Khan diet is that the tips are structured and easy to follow. Here’s what she says about diet patterns:

  • Try to restrict the consumption of oily and fat foods.
  • Preferably, use extra virgin olive oil for cooking. It is rich in antioxidants and prevents cancer.
  • Do not eat too much but do not starve yourself.
  • Replace milk tea with green tea
  • Consume multiple small meals instead of three meals
  • Make dinner a meagre meal and have a heavy breakfast.
  • Try to avoid carbs at night and have your dinner early.
  • Sleep well and workout regularly
  • Drink lots of water, coconut water and stay hydrated throughout the day

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Following a strict diet and workout regime doesn’t happen in a day. It is a way of life. It might look like a piece of cake, but it requires discipline, concentration and determination to follow the routine and justify. The insights from Malaika Arora Khan diet and workout regime will definitely help, and once you start following, it will become an integral part of your life.

So give some physical exercise to the lazy body and work on your diet, and watch wonders happen!