make india swimming literate

A Revolution to Make India Swimming Literate

It is time we stop being obsessed only over popular sports such as Cricket and understand the significance of all sports. Swimming is one such under-appreciated sport. It is not the lack of talent but the lack of technology, infrastructure and other facilities to give the most optimal coaching environment for all swimming talents in India. It is high time to not only tap the young talent of the country that is full of potential but it is also necessary to transform India into a highly Swimming literate nation. Fitso has been striving relentlessly to achieve this goal by being a catalyst and training people from all spheres with its high tech infrastructure and coaching facilities.

National Versus International Swimming Platform

make india swimming literate

In this years Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, India acquired 66 medals in 11 days, out of which 26 were gold, 20 were silver and 20 bronze. But none of these medals were from swimming! In contrast to this, Australia won 198 medals out of which 73 were from swimming. The shocker is that the number of medals India won in total is less than what Australia won in swimming alone.

These statistics show that there is a dire need for India to up their game when it comes to Swimming. The Swimming arena in India does not lack productive talent but what it does lack is the kind of training that should be provided to this young talent to hone them towards success. The most disappointing fact is that it is not a recent happening. Failure in swimming has been a pattern across the last five commonwealth games wherein India has managed to win only one medal in swimming out of 350. On the contrary, Australia has topped the commonwealth games chart.

make india swimming literate

Also, to add to it India has won only 9 medals in the Asian Games till date. China and Japan have excellent performances in the swimming arena with Japan bagging about 352 medals in total.

The lack of attention towards Swimming as a Significant Sport

The condition of swimming is deteriorating every day. The disregard of officials and authorities is so severe that one of the most competent swimmers of India, Sajan Prakash was left to fend for himself for the funding of International Championships.

make india swimming literate

Though other sports like Boxing and Wrestling have been imbibed in the Indian culture one generation after another, India lacks a culture where Swimming can thrive. The challenge is that Swimming is not considered a viable option. Not many people dream of diving into the Pool Professionally and probably one of the main reasons for this is the fact that swimmers are not encouraged enough in this country.

make india swimming literate

Virdhawal Khade one of the most acclaimed Indian Swimmers has also indicated towards the lack of Indian Contingent Swimmers in every International Tournament in order to succeed in the pool. The recent Commonwealth Games witnessed only five swimmers. He also emphasizes the need for domestic competitions to keep the sport easily accessible to young talent. The Swimming Arena in India has unfortunately been continuously shrouded in controversy. It is a sheer shame that there is a constant conflict between authorities and the coaches. Indian head coach Pradeep Sreedharan has not been paid his dues since 2010.

How is Fitso accelerating the Swimming revolution?

make india swimming literate

Fitso is a Tech-Oriented team functioning by Professional People with the best of expertise in their field. It gives the most holistic exposure for training to all the swimmers, thus prompting the young untapped talent who are in most need of it. These high-end well-maintained facilities include Indoor heated All Weather Swimming pool. For utmost safety of women and children, there is CCTV, along with STA UK Certified Trainers. The aspect of Safety is given utmost priority with well-mannered staff who are polite and communicate effectively with all the trainees and authorities.

Fitso turns no stone unturned to give the very best to its customers with coaches that are NIS, STA-UK, Austswim, ASCTA and YMCA Certified National record holders.

It is a shame that a sport which is as Internationally rewarding as Swimming has to undergo such disregard in India. No matter the reason, whether it is due to lack of efforts put in by the higher authorities or owing to the lack of popular interest, there is only one loser here and that is India. What is needed then?

It is time we join hands together and focus towards a clear restructuring of the funds required to build a concrete existence for swimming as sports. It is time that better, productive and structured national competitions are conducted as an initiative to help the youth sharpen their swimming skills and potential. Khelo India is one such example. We, at Fitso strongly hope and strive that in the coming future authorities, as well as the common public will not only realize the value of swimming but also implement measures for its betterment.