how to reduce belly after delivery

How to Lose Weight Naturally After Pregnancy

Your baby is finally here after a long wait. As a mother, you will have so much to think about: feeding the baby, putting it to sleep and of course, getting rid of that extra weight you gained through your pregnancy and pondering how to reduce belly after delivery.

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Some women weigh normal and put on a few pounds the doctor probably recommended. In that case, it would not take more than a month or two to get the pre-pregnancy shape back. All you need to do is observe what you eat and work out.

Otherwise, if you were heavy before your pregnancy or you gained more mass than your doctor asked you to, it might take a longer time to get rid of the extra flab. It is very important to get the weight off. If you do not, it would be connected with obesity and overweight 15 to 20 years in that follow.

Though all new moms are anxious to resemble their old self again, you must be gentle with yourself. Your beloved celebrity might have worked direct from the labour room into her size 0 clothes. She may not have done it in a healthy way. They do this with very strict diet regimes. A lot of them make it by working out even before their body is really able to take it. You must remember that it took nine months to reach it. It might take that time to get back to your original weight.

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Keeping that in mind, follow these tips to lose weight after pregnancy.

Don’t Go on Diet

It may seem unusual, but going on a “diet” could hinder your weight loss mission. Feeling denied of your favourite meals while you are already feeling stressed out? Watch out! It could actually cause you to gain weight. If you eat fresh food and eat for your appetite, most women notice that the weight comes off pretty easily.


Instead of going on diet, it is recommended that you eat a well-balanced quality of foods. Keep an assortment of snacks in your home. This will give you energy for the whole day. Apple wedges, carrots, and whole wheat or grain crackers are the best options.

Even if you want to lose weight badly, do not fall below 1,800 calories per day, especially if you are nursing.

Shoot Up on “Superfoods”

When you are a new mom, your body requires the best nutrition, especially when you are breastfeeding. Pick foods that are rich in the nutrients you require and have fewer calories and fat.

Fish is one of such foods. It is loaded with DHA, a vital omega-3 fatty acid. It helps your baby develop a strong mind and nervous system. DHA  is abundantly found in fishes like sardines, salmon, and tuna (light tuna which is high in mercury).


Milk and curd are also superfoods. They have the calcium you require to keep your bones healthy. Also, do not neglect the protein. Chicken, meat and beans are low in fat. They have high fibre and protein content. They are beneficial for you, and you will feel full for a long time.


Whether breastfeeding can really help you shed some weight is uncertain, but some researchers discovered that breastfeeding can help you go back to your pre-pregnancy weight faster.


What is certain is that breastfeeding is healthy for your baby. It boosts immunisation and provides a lot of other important health benefits. Breastfeeding particularly lets you add an additional 300 calories per day to your diet. You may also include slightly more calories in your diet if you have a baby who eats a lot. Do not use breastfeeding as an excuse to eat anything you want.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water during the day stops you from getting dehydrated. It also makes you feel full so that you do not eat too much. A study has found that water can fasten up your metabolism. If you are drinking enough fluids, your would be almost clear.

how to reduce belly after delivery


A diet plan is important, but it is only a fraction of the post-motherhood weight loss plan. You also need to include strength training and aerobic exercises after delivery to shed some calories and stay strong. Apart from helping you lose weight, exercise also contributes so many benefits to a new mother. It helps you fight depression. It also helps combat any sleep issues, and it relieves your stress.

You do not have to go to the gym to stay fit after pregnancy. You may take a quick walk with your baby. That is sufficient to get your heart pumping and muscles running. With a new toddler, getting 30 minutes at a stretch might not possible, so you can break up the time into 10-minute intervals.

how to reduce belly after delivery

Carrying a baby around all day is itself a workout, but you nevertheless need to include some strength training. But before you get into any workout programs, make sure your doctor approves, particularly if you had a C-section.

Catch Up on the Sleep You Lost

It may not seem possible to get a full eight hours of sleep when you have an infant needing you around the clock. But being sleep deprived might make it difficult for you to lose the baby weight. In a research, new mothers who only got five hours or less sleep a night had more chances to hold onto their extra pregnancy weight. The women who slept seven hours lost their weight fast. When you are exhausted, your body releases stress hormones like cortisol and others. These hormones boost weight gain. Also, when you are tired, you would not feel like taking care of yourself and less likely to take wholesome food. You are more likely to have easy food and also get involved less in a physical activity.

Catch some sleep when your baby sleeps.

how to reduce belly after delivery

If you are finding it hard to lose weight, take the help of your doctor or a dietitian. The dietitian can help you design a diet regime that will let you shed some pounds safely and effectively. The doctor might assist you on how much weight loss is feasible and healthy for you. It is not a piece of cake, but remember, nothing comes easy in life. Even Santa comes with a clause!

how to reduce belly after delivery