3 Day Military Diet Plan For Rapid Weight Loss

Joining the list of some of the most followed and sought after diet plans in the world is – The military diet. Said to be highly effective and transformational, this low-calorie diet is gaining popularity for helping people reduce up to 5 kgs within an astonishing span of 10 days! In this blog, we explore all the options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians in the Indian context and see how it fits into your weight loss plans.

military diet for weight loss

What is Military Diet?

Firstly, this diet has got nothing to do with the military- the name notwithstanding. It derives its meaning from extremely frugal consumption of calories that force your body to dig into its fat reserves. This almost mimics the method of intermittent fasting but over a span of 7 days. The first 3 days are observed strictly while the next 4 are meant to be a follow-on with less restrictions. This cycle is repeated again and again.

Most of the diet plans help you lose a lot of weight. But after a while, you simply can’t lose another pound, no matter what you do. This is called hitting the weight plateau. Military Diet is one such method that is designed to break that barrier and help you reach your weight goals.

military diet working

How do I follow the Military Diet?

Your total calorie consumption for each of the first 3 days should be between 1100 to 1300 calories. For your reference- an average Later, for the coming 4 days you can go a bit easy and stretch it till 1400 calories while still eating healthy.

Here is a probable diet plan for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians who wish to try the Military Diet.

Military Diet Day 1:

  • Breakfast
  1. Two slices of toast with 1 to 2 tbsp. of butter (whole wheat preferred)
  2. 200 ml Mosambi juice or a glass of water with ½ teaspoon baking soda.
  • Lunch
  1. Two slices of toast
  2. 50 gm of Tuna/chicken (20 gm almonds or 150 gm Tofu.
  3. Tea/ Green coffee, no cream and sugar (Optional) – One cup only.
  • Dinner
  1. Cooked beans like Chana and Rajma – 100 gm
  2. 100 gm Boiled green beans or 80 gm chicken/fish.
  3. One Apple and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Military Diet Day 2:

  • Breakfast
  1. One slice of toast (whole wheat preferred) with one boiled egg
  2. Half banana with a cup of tea/coffee, no cream and sugar (optional)
  • Lunch
  1. 50 gm slightly cooked paneer.
  2. 5 saltine Crackers (5 Parle Krack-Jack Biscuits)
  3. Cooked Beans 100 gm
  • Dinner
  1. 200 gm of carrots and 100 gm of broccoli/cabbage/cauliflower
  2. 100 gm chicken or 200 gm tofu
  3. Half Banana and a cup of vanilla ice cream (one small scoop only)

Military Diet Day 3:

  • Breakfast
  1. One Apple and one boiled egg
  2. 5 saltine Crackers (5 Parle Krack-Jack Biscuits)
  • Lunch
  1. One slice of toast (whole wheat preferred)
  2. Cooked beans 100 gm
  3. A cup of tea/coffee, no cream, and sugar (optional)
  • Dinner
  1. 200 gm Tofu or 100 gm chicken/Tuna
  2. One scoop Vanilla ice cream and one banana

Next 4 Days of Military Diet:

There are no restrictions on what to eat on the next four days but you still maintain the 1500 calorie limit per day. But it is recommended that you eat healthy with some snacks now and then.

But look out!

Military diet truth

Military Diet is low on proteins and high on Carbs, which is not a good way to lose weight. You shed weight very fast though, because of the frugal amount of calories – a great way slim down soon, but not really long lasting. If you have an important event coming up or an immediate schedule to keep, it is perfect.

Secondly, keep off from any forms of heavy exercises because they’ll weaken you easily. And it goes without saying that you need to keep yourself hydrated. You should take at least 8 glasses of water during the day.

And lastly, no alcohol or sugar drinks or diet sodas are allowed during the regime. And give a week’s gap after you finish each cycle. Follow a high protein diet so that you can balance out the deficiencies and maintain the results in the consecutive weeks.

Military Diet