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Lose Weight, Not The Shape: Back to Basics

How to lose weight, keeping the curves?

Weight loss is a difficult task in the first place. It doesn’t come easy. The hard work is incomprehensible and can only be experience and it gets much more difficult maintaining the figure while losing the weight. Maintaining a proportionate figure is the real challenge as we all want to look good. Yes, being fit is a good thing, but let’s be honest. We all want to lose weight, keep curves. Nothing beats that motive.

body-tapeSo, here are some of the hot tips on losing the weight, not the curves :


Yes, that’s right. You need fats in your food, the right kind and up to necessary quantities. Healthy fats constitute to healthier weight loss without affecting your curves. Your body burns fats and then the muscles. Feeding the body of essential fats will keep it from eating away your precious curves.

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Strength Training

Limit your cardio and up your strength training game. Total cardio is a basic aspect for weight loss no doubt, but strength training provides a more targeted approach to losing weight and also muscle building. Not to mention, your body curves are unaffected. The other positive aspects include after burn up to 72 hours, ease daily activities and enhance body movement.

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Weight Training

Breast consist 75% fat and a female body has certain amount of fat that attributes to the curves. This fat is definitely reduced during the weight loss period. Breast and buttock fat is reduced during the process, hence it is important to build muscle up to a certain level to cope with the fat loss to hold the size and proportion of the same. This gives both perky breasts and tighter fat deposits which easily blend into your body measurements.


This is important. You are strength training and weight training at the same time. You wouldn’t want your body to lose the muscle you build. Proteins builds muscle mass and holds the mass during your training program.


Leptin is a hormone which regulates appetite, food intake and body weight. When you lose body fat, the leptin levels fall too. This causes hunger until that fat is restored. It is important to restore the levels with essential fats and not random foods via emotional eating. Foods that increase leptin sensitivity include unsweetened oatmeal, chicken, green tea, eggs and almonds.

istock_000042084378_largeNote :-

Consult your dietitian and trainer before kicking off your program for foods and exercises best suited to your body.