Lose Weight

“I’m not fat, I’m just nine inches too short”- Shelley Winters
Maybe Winters didn’t consider the fact that gaining 9 inches is far more tough than shedding 9 kilos or even 90 in that case. Our comparatively practical approach would significantly help you get the body you always wanted.

While analysing the goals our users pursued, losing weight came out to be leading all others without any doubt. And considering that Fitso users consisted of a majority of common people wanting to pursue basic fitness, weight loss was our queen on the chess board. We analysed and studied the need of losing weight and found that just cutting calories isn’t enough.
Body fat levels are directly proportional to a hormone called leptin. It controls appetite, modulates metabolism and promotes fat burning. If we just employ the ‘cutting calories’ theory, there is a subsequent rapid drop in leptin levels resulting in a reduction of your daily energy expenditure.

Result is a cycle of weight loss/weight gain. But then, why do you even need to shed your extra kilos?
Simply because they unconditionally tag you with:

• risk of health conditions such as heart problems
• high blood pressure
• type 2 diabetes
• certain types of cancer
• osteoarthritis (joint disease)
• sleep apnea (abnormal breathing at night) or other respiratory (breathing) problems
• Stress or even depression
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In order to reduce your kilos, we first try to get the intrinsic details about you needed to create your voodoo for us.
Our work approach at fitso follows a very simple yet elegant way.

Enter the details and you get your plan and the much needed calorie demography. Now, based on our analysis we present you with the most efficient plan you can follow. The duration of workout is based on our analysis.

Now, with our analysis which designs your personalized plan, you can take some serious steps towards losing weight. From our large database containing the nutrient content of various food items, you can keep a track of your calorie intake. On the basis of your suggested workout plans you can balance your calorie intake and even plan the meals best suited for you beforehand. Adding food items in your tab can help you with this. Thus, we guarantee results, if you guarantee inputs.

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