lose weight by walking

Losing Weight By Walking- The faster you walk, the more weight you lose!

Walking it off!! So can you really lose weight by walking? The answer is yes!

Exercise burns calories. In the case of walking the calories you burn depend much more on the distance you cover and your body weight than on your speed.

This table shows calories burned per mile of walking for people of varying weights:

Your Weight Approximate calories per mile (1.6 Km)
54 kg= 85 calories
63 kg= 95 calories
72 kg= 105 calories
82 kg= 115 calories
90 kg= 125 calories

How you lose weight by walking:

People who walk gain significantly less weight than those who don’t, the more walking, the less weight gain. And the benefit was greatest in the heaviest individuals.

The better your pace, more calories you burn. Similarly the longer you walk, the more calories you burn. So if you are not much of a fat of running, don’t do it! You can always walk a mile longer or two in order to cover for the speed. After all, the difference between walking and running is only of your pace with which you move. It’s not a secret that running does burn lot more calories but is as much tiring too. So why not walk longer till you burn the same amount of calories! 😉

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lose weight by walking